Glassdoor is the #1 source of hires compared to other recruiting sites

The Trade Desk is shaping the future of digital marketing by changing the way advertising is bought and sold. Their platform helps agencies and brands around the world target the right audience on the right channels at the right time—helping consumers discover products they'll love. It is the unique combination of the power of their platform and the expertise of their people that puts their customers in a position to succeed.


Source of Hires vs. Other Job Sites

YTD September 2018


Candidates Visit Glassdoor 30 Days +/- Interviewing

YTD September 2018


All Jobs Clicked Came From Sponsored Jobs

YTD September 2018


  • Scale organization across the globe while maintaining culture.
  • Attract talent in new markets.


  • Job Slots: Strategically target candidates based on the demographics of who's visiting their profile.
  • Enhanced Profile: Showcase a compelling employer brand story through a combination of a “Why Work for Us” section, employee photos, job openings, and company updates. Utilize analytics to benchmark against competitors and uncover insights.

"The differentiators we see for Glassdoor are really two-fold. For candidates, they have access to more information. They have visibility to brand pages, salary information, reviews, and interview insights. For employers, there’s access to better talent and great analytics. The data has helped us gain meaningful insights and makes changes within our process.”

Nicole Chavez, Global Talent Acquisition Operations

The Trade Desk