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Adaptive Computer-Based Tutoring -Psychomotor

US Army – Orlando, FL

Job Description

Adaptive Computer-based Tutoring for Psychomotor Tasks in
the Wild

The Army Research Laboratory's adaptive training research
program is conducted in Orlando, Florida.
This goal of this research is to develop methods to adapt instructional
strategies/tactics in near-real-time during computer-based instruction based on
the learner's needs, gaps, and strengths.
Research to date has centered primarily on cognitive tasks (e.g.,
desktop applications) and we are beginning to construct an ontology to move adaptive
training into the wild (anyplace).

Researchers will have the opportunity to work closely
with adaptive tutoring scientists in developing, applying, and assessing new
adaptive training tools and methods for tasks in the psychomotor domain (e.g.,
land navigation, medical casualty care tasks, sports)

Emphasis in this research program is on creating an
open-source architecture to facilitate the authoring, instructional delivery,
and evaluation of adaptive training methodologies through literature reviews,
market reviews, and experimentation.
This architecture is the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring
(GIFT) and it is freely available at
along with a library of documentation and
research papers.


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