Freelance Content Writer

OhMyCrawl is a marketing agency that is in current need a of a staff content writer to expands blogs in their partnered websites and website portfolio.

This is a critical position, as 100% of our client work comes from our website and "useful" articles.

We pride ourselves as producing some of the best content in the industry and you'll learn how to produce high converting and useful content.

Who is the ideal person?

For our current opening, the idea person has experience in the jewelry industry or related industry such as fashion.

How To Apply for this position?

Please search for Learning Jewelry and review our blog. Let us know how you think you can improve our content. If you belive you are good fit, you are more than welcome to apply.

Job Type: Contract

Pay: $20.00 - $58.00 per hour


  • Monday to Friday
  • On call

COVID-19 considerations:
All work is remote and meetings are via Zoom.

Work Location: Remote

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