Cover for Tesla
Senior Mobile App Software Engineer, React Native, Tesla App, Energy
Palo Alto, CA
$130K - $190K (Glassdoor est.)
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What to Expect

Do you want to build the app that powers the ecosystem of Tesla Solar, Powerwall, and Vehicle products and help accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy?

We're looking for senior software engineers like you to bring your talent to our team and build the Tesla app together with us.

The Tesla App is used by everyone that interacts with Tesla products. Our team builds the core end-user app experience for Tesla's Energy Products: Solar, Powerwall, Megapack, and Home EV Charging.

The goal of our app is to make the concepts of renewable energy friendly, simple, and understandable for everybody, while also offering surprising depth for our power users. For example, with [Charge Stats](—our feature for evaluating the cost of charging your Tesla vehicle—we help owners understand the basics of EV charging, along with the money saved by switching to an EV. Our [app's home screen]( also features rich 3D graphics that show what your home is doing in real time—drawing the wires to show you what your home is powered by right now and how much power you're using. We also help support utility grids worldwide with our [Tesla Virtual Power Plant]( products that improve the stability of the grid people who don't yet own Tesla own products, and unlock extra value for those who do.

The Tesla App is built with TypeScript, React Native, and the Godot 3D Engine. We partner closely with our hardware, firmware, software, and cloud teams as we build sophisticated products and shape the future of the electric grid. We move quickly with an emphasis on data contracts via protocol buffers to build synchronously with other teams.

Besides a rock-solid work ethic, a bias for empathetic communication, and a team-oriented personality, our team members demonstrate creativity, passion, and a desire to break new ground in a constantly shifting technology landscape.

What You’ll Do
  • Build the secure, intuitive, fast, and beautiful app for Tesla's Solar, Powerwall, and Vehicle owners.
  • Quickly take on new concepts ranging from controlling battery storage to visualizing energy telemetry and value, and apply your knowledge to leave the world better than you found it
  • Push your first PR with your own code to the Tesla app in your first week
  • Form protobuf data contracts with partner teams for the pragmatic implementation of scalable features designed in concert with engineering, product, and design teams
  • Own a portion of the Tesla app and care about its overall quality and performance, write documentation, and review code contributed by team members building in your space
  • Obsess over keeping processes, code, and tooling as safe, fast, and beautiful as our app, and bring other teams up to our high standards, so we enjoy our work experience while we build something our users love.
  • Use first principles thinking to continually optimize processes and practices, for the purpose of providing better experiences for customers, faster
What You’ll Bring
  • 3-5+ years of experience shipping secure, fast, and pixel-perfect mobile apps for iOS and Android, with a preference for experience building cross-platform apps with React Native.
  • Excellent knowledge of any modern programming language (TypeScript, Golang, Swift, Kotlin, Scala, Rust, C++, etc.).
  • Passion for Tesla’s mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.
  • Professional or personal experience building products or experiences in one of the following domains is nice to have:
  • Renewable energy
  • IoT or Matter apps
  • Novel UI and data visualization concepts
  • 3D video games on mobile platforms
  • React C++ Turbo Modules
  • Cross-platform UI design system packages
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