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Geographic Information Systems Instructor
Riverside, CA
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Riverside Community College District is seeking qualified applicants to establish a pool for part-time and/or substitute instructors in this discipline. Applications will be kept on file for one year from the date of submission. When a position becomes available, the hiring department will review the applications on file and contact the candidates they are interested in interviewing. When an application has not been updated/modified for one year, it will expire and you will be notified to resubmit a new application.

Master's degree in geographic information systems ; OR OR the Equivalent. (All degrees and units used to satisfy minimum qualifications must be from accredited institutions.)

Teaching experience is desirable.


Evidence of sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students (E.C. 87360a).

Duties and Responsibilities:
The assignment will include lecture and/or laboratory instruction in the discipline.

Duties and Responsibilities - Continued:

Duties and Responsibilities: - Continued

Conditions of Employment:
All assignments are contingent upon District need and/or sufficient enrollment, and may include day, evening, and/or weekend classes.

Work Hours/Work Days for Classified and Hourly Positions Only:

Required Applicant Documents:

Other Document:

Optional Applicant Documents:
Resume or Curriculum Vitae
Cover Letter
Teaching Philosophy
Letter of Recommendation 1
Letter of Recommendation 2
Letter of Recommendation 3
Other Document
Associate Transcript
Bachelors Transcript
Masters Transcript
Doctorate Transcript
Other Transcript

Other Document:

Effective Employment Date:
As Needed

Application Deadline:
Open Until Filled

Special Comments:

Application Types Accepted:
Faculty Application
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