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GIS Solutions Developer

Job Description

This project would involve working with the scoping, planning, design, development, QA, and implementation of a data quality solution for a client of Procom's.

Project Experience

Respondents should describe the project experience of the Resource with three relevant projects of similar scope and magnitude, successfully undertaken in the previous 5 years.

Relevant Experience
  • 3 years' experience with ESRI ArcGIS and /or ArcPro software, including use of the software for editing, processing, and maintaining data.
  • 1 years' experience with ESRI's ArcGIS / ArcPro Desktop Software Development Kit (SDK) for MS .NET
  • 1 years' experience working with ArcGIS Server 10.5 / 10.6.1, preferably working with Windows 2012 / 2016
  • 1 years' experience working with ESRI geodatabase 10.5 / 10.6 / 10.7 databases on Oracle or other relations data management systems compatible with ESRI geodatabases, including updating feature classes, loading data, configuring field domains, relationship classes.
  • Experience configuring / coding business / data integrity rules in ESRI ArcPro' using Attribution Rules, Contingent Values, and Arcade expressions.
  • 1 years' experience authoring scripts / procedures using SQL / PLSQL; and database tools such as Oracle developer.
  • 1 years' experience authoring scripts / procedures using Python, ArcPy with ArcGIS tools such as ArcGIS Desktop / ArcPro
  • 1 years' experience authoring metadata for datasets using ArcGIS Desktop / ArcPro tools.
  • 1 project with experience using Issue, bug tracking, and agile project / backlog tools (e.g. JIRA)
  • Experience using MS Office 365, including SharePoint
  • Experience implementing user accounts and controls for interacting with data; preferably using ESRI, Oracle, and Services Oriented Architected (SOA)
  • Experience working with municipal addressing data and property information, municipal road centerline or segment data / other municipal data within an enterprise business application system.
  • Experience performing or facilitating change management with software data users
  • Experience performing Source Control of authored scripts / code. (e.g. Azure DevOps / Visual Studio)
Education, Accreditation, and Qualifications
  • Post Graduate Certificate, Diploma, or Degree that includes GIS / GIS technologies or related
  • An ESRI Technical certification
  • Enhanced clearance or higher
Job Requirements

Company Overview

For 35 years, Procom has been pushing the envelope in North American IT staffing solutions. Driven by a senior management team of seasoned recruitment professionals, we have offices in 14 locations in the US and Canada and service all major IT markets.

When we started out in 1978, tech jobs were just being integrated into the workplace. We have been a part of shaping the landscape of IT in Canada ever since, placing IT consultants in major businesses in all sectors, including banking, telecommunications, and retail.

Through all the peaks and valleys of the IT industry, we have consistently done one thing: helping IT professionals discover the next chapter in their career.



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