Machine Learning & NLP Data Scientist
San Francisco, CA
$79,897 - $192,685 (Glassdoor est.)
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Location: San Francisco / Fremont / Sacramento, California or remote due to COVID-19

We are looking for data science & machine learning (ML) engineer with exclusive knowledge of Macroeconomic, Government Finance Analytics, Budgets, and develop ML models using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and quantitative techniques. As part of the role, deployment of ML models to worldwide consumption is highly desired ask.

As part of the role, annotating & creating supervised data taking into global macroeconomic key indicators, agricultural yield performance, Labor statistics, Government Finance Statistics, and Micro Farm level P&L are the required skills.

Identification of Key Macroeconomic Trends
Codifying Government Finance Statistics & Annotation of Key Budget Documents
Supervised, Unsupervised Learning Models (Classification Models, Regression Model & Time Series)
Public Cloud Computing
Machine Learning Cloud Analytics - Amazon Sage Maker, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, Google
Agricultural Economics (Familiarity with USDA Datasets, World Organization, US Data.Gov and other countries agricultural strategies)
Historical Agricultural analysis - Wheat, Rice, Dairy, Soy, Corn and other major fields
Exposure to Federal Budgets
Familiarity with agricultural imports/exports
Per capita consumption
Climate influence on agricultural output
Jupyter Notebook

Skills and Experiences

  • Excellent people & leadership skills.
  • (Optional) Exposure to Software, Hardware, Mobile Devices and Sensors.
  • Good communication skills
  • Care and Love for Humanity and beyond.
  • (Optional) Paper based Data Collection & Sketching.
  • A passion for innovation and outside box thinking

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