Managing Editor Topics in Antiviral Medicine™

Job Description:

A growing health care professional education organization seeks a Managing Editor of its peer-reviewed medical journal, Topics in Antiviral Medicine™. The Managing Editor oversees all processes associated with the production of a peer-reviewed medical journal; facilitates submitted manuscripts in a timely fashion; interacts in a positive, supportive manner with the production team, faculty members and authors, potential authors, reviewers, illustrators, and others who have regular interactions with the editorial office.

Reports To:

· Executive Director

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Assume a lead role in the management of Topics in Antiviral Medicine™, ensuring production schedules are met

· Working with Executive Director, staff, faculty, and other contributors solicits and facilitates submissions through the entire review and online production process.

· Maintain and update standards for internal editorial and production processes for authors

· Manage manuscript flow internally to anticipate and prevent article backlog or shortage

· Handle submitted manuscripts at each step in the review process from receipt until final approval

· Serve as an editorial liaison with the organization’s directors, faculty, and other authors

· Provide backup editorial support for projects related to the organization’s mission and published in Topics in Antiviral Medicine™, such as Drug Resistance Mutations Group

· Obtain and process disclosure statements, evaluate them for Executive Director, and add information for inclusion in finalized articles

· Proofread, copy edit, and format issue proofs

· Draft annual reports of journal activities for the IAS-USA Board of Directors, as well as regularly report to Executive Director on the organization’s medical content production

· Schedule and participate in editorial meetings as needed. Participate in weekly production team meetings

· Track and submit related invoices for reimbursement

Professional Experience and Qualifications/Key Attributes

· Bachelor’s degree required

· Minimum 5+ years of publishing experience, preferably in scholarly publishing, with evidence of increasing responsibility

· Demonstrated knowledge of AMA style and medical/scientific language, and editorial processes

· Strong managerial, organizational, and communication skills; proven ability to manage multiple deadlines

· Demonstrated proofreading skills; excellent grasp of grammar and style

· Experienced problem solver with the ability to satisfy all parties

· High level of organizational and communication skills are critical; attention to detail is essential

Job Type:

· Remote.

· Candidate background and experience will determine the part-time or full-time relationship. An independent contractor relationship is also possible

About the IAS-USA – A mission worth being passionate about!

Headquartered in San Francisco, the IAS-USA has led cutting-edge, technical, and complex physician education for the past 30 years with a long record of success.

The mission of the International Antiviral Society–USA (IAS–USA) is to improve the prevention, treatment, care, and quality of life for people with or at risk of HIV or other viral infections and their associated health conditions through high-quality, relevant, balanced, and needs-oriented education and information for practitioners and scientists who are actively involved in medical care and research.

Job Type: Contract

Pay: $60.00 - $80.00 per hour


  • Self-determined schedule

Work Location: Remote

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