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Network Specialist

Ampcus Inc – Ashburn, VA

Job Description

Job Description: Network Specialist responsible for ensuring that all existing data PVCs are scheduled and migrated before market areas are taking VOD customer orders, to provision PVCs on the correct network architecture, to alleviate VCC blocking when possible.
The migration process involves migrating existing data customer PVCs from one network architecture to another network architecture provisioned with dedicated OC3 or Gigabit Ethernet circuits for each PON shelf. In regions where GR-303 is used PON shelves 3, 4 and 5 have dedicated OC3 or Gigabit Ethernet circuits. In regions where TR-08 is used, PON shelves 3 and 4 have dedicated OC3 or Gigabit Ethernet circuits. These dedicated OC3 circuits connect directly from the OLT to ERX.
The Normal Priority migration process is designed as an automated process using the iVAPP, BAAIS, Panorama and PON NMS systems, requiring Network Specialists to create the project, and then work fallout as required with the necessary support departments. Immediate Priority projects, requested for individual PVCs, require manual execution of each step throughout the migration process.
Overview of the FiOS NOC:
The NNMC is Verizons national surveillance center responsible for providing round-the-clock vigilance over the backbone network, which supports the next generation of premier services delivered over the FTTP network.
The NNMC is service agnostic and will reduce the support costs of the network by leveraging the monitoring of FiOS voice, video, and data services delivered across a TCP/IP based infrastructure, be able to quickly perform root-cause correlation across multiple domains, and by adding new emerging services without the need to build disparate centers as new technologies become available.
Qualified candidate must have ALL Required Skills:
Five years experience in any of the following disciplines:
• VOATM, VOIP, IP, TCP, BGP, ATM, Data, Broadband Networking
• Data or Voice Network Management
• Transport Maintenance and Management (ADM, SONET, Digital Cross-Connects)
• Video service
• Familiarity with VOIP, VOATM, IP, ATM, Data, Optical, Broadband Networks, Broadcast and/or VOD Video.
• 4 year College Degree

The basic knowledge objectives for personnel in the Migrations group are:

1. FTTP Terminology Migration Specialists should be familiar with the meaning of the following terms.
a. PON BPON, enhanced BPON and GPON
b. OLT and ONT
c. BHR
d. ERX and VAR
e. CLLI codes and Circuit ID naming conventions

2. FiOS Network Architecture - Migration Specialists should be able to diagram and explain the traffic flow for data and video for the following network elements types. Diagram should include
a. BHR
b. ONT
c. Splitters and combiners
d. OLT
e. ERX1440/E320
f. Class 5 Voice switch such as 5ESS
g. Broadcast video and WDM
h. Basic Motorola and Tellabs OLT Shelf and Card layouts

3. Project Creation and Processing
a. List steps required during the PVC Migration process from both Verizon and NNMC perspective
b. Create Immediate Mode project for designated circuit to be used as Test project
c. Create test project for designated OLT in Normal Mode
d. Create Mass Move project for designated OLT in Normal Mode
e. Create Immediate Mode project for designated circuit based on FSC request
f. Submit and Monitor project thru all phases to completion

4. Circuit Information Verification
a. Look up customer information in iVAPP based on data circuit ID
b. Verify customer profile (including cross connect details) in EMS
c. Verify customer data profile in Sweeper

5. Project Fallout
a. Find previous migrations using PVC Migration Fallout request
b. Identify last step successfully completed in migration
c. Identify groups to be contacted to resolve fallout

6. Project Tracking
a. Add projects and explain the meaning of entries in the NNMC
b. Explain meaning of various types of Fallout that are tracked and the project types that are recorded