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MLSOnline Technical Sales Representative

    Online Technical Sales Representative & Account Manager
    My Little Salesman, founded in 1958, is an online and print marketplace for heavy equipment (e.g. construction equipment, logging equipment, farm equipment, etc.) commercial trucks, trailers, and heavy-duty parts. Every day, over 5,000 users browse for big equipment on

    In addition to our online and print marketplaces, My Little Salesman provides a toolkit of marketing services to manufacturers and dealers across North America from cutting-edge mobile-responsive dealer websites to social media management and marketing.

    We are looking for hungry and smart sales gurus, who live and breathe the Internet, and want to help companies grow their online presence.

    5-Second Job Description
    This role will be responsible for prospecting, progressing and closing engagements for our online toolkit and digital solutions. If hired, we ask that you become a subject matter expert of the platform, the key features of our custom-built websites, and our other online marketing services.

    Key Traits and Responsibilities
    • You know how to engage prospects independently and in conjunction with broader team efforts to drive sales to close
    • You are able to effectively present value proposition
    • You are organized and determined. Following up is your second favorite activity after starting a conversation
    • You can write an email that no one can resist responding to
    • You like being independent and proving yourself
    • You are web savvy and on the Internet a lot. You've probably bought or sold items using Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook groups, Instagram or other online marketplaces.
    • You've done web demos before and aren't afraid to do them again via GoToMeeting or another tool
    • Closing sales is exciting to you (along with making money in the process)
    • People like you and want to be around you.
    • You know how to break the ice as well as eagerly listen
    • You want to genuinely help people.
    • You understand that potential customers are all different and each require a tailored solution. We're not selling SPAM in a can here.
    • You understand you succeed when your clients succeed and know how to define success criteria, gather feedback, and maintain ongoing client relationships
    • You play well with others and are not afraid to work with IT, end-users, and other walks of life
    • You're not new to Salesforce, Hubspot or similar CRM and maybe have even updated an account before with deal status, notes and other relevant data
    • You know a thing or two about Google Adwords
    • You understand a little bit about website usability
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