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PC Field Technician

Ampcus Inc – Ashburn, VA

Job Description

Client: Verizon TelecommunicationsLocation: Ashburn, VA
Duration: 30 months or longer
Pay rate: competitive, on W2.

Verizon Kiosk Technical Consultant Job Description
Responsibilities: Prepare, install, operate, maintain and manage Computing and Multimedia gear in support of Retail Stores and Retail Kiosks throughout the Verizon footprint. Includes:
• Prepare
== Configure Windows, Android or iOS Operating System and associated software (security, Anti Virus, Remote Management)
== Assemble hardware for a particular site type
? Computers
? Tablet Devices - includes Android and iOS hardware
? Televisions
? Pre-Configured Set Top Boxes
? External disks
o Ship or deliver to sites for installation or replacement

• Install
o Install one of several configurations inside retail fixturing
? Cage-housed equipment in Verizon Wireless stores
? Mall Kiosks of four vintages and three sizes
? Verizon PLUS Stores of varying sizes
? Local Presence Stores of varying sizes
o Ensure hardware is connected to Data Service (DSL / FiOS / AirCard)
o Perform installations out-of-hours in Retail sites including Shopping Malls, Verizon PLUS Stores, Verizon Wireless Stores, Local Presence Centers and other such sites as may be required (Experience, etc.)
o Install Televisions and connect to DVD Players, Set Top Boxes, Computers
o Ensure hardware is operational
o Perform, as needed, brief hardware introductions for end users at sites
o Provide on site support sites as needed (Grand Openings, etc.)

• Operate
o Respond to monitored alerts as needed
? Handle out-of-service hardware by remote connection and restart of hardware
? Perform guided restart with end users via telephone
o Enter and update trouble tickets to record the trouble found, work done to resolve, and root cause of issues as they occur
o Enter trouble tickets regarding store fixturing and refer to others for handling
o Answer help desk calls covering retail hours, including nights, weekends and some holidays

• Maintain
o Handle equipment replacements by either installing, or shipping for installation by others, equipment as needed
o Guide replacements by end users or 3rd party contractors as needed by telephone
o Recondition broken hardware for reuse when returned
o Maintain an accurate inventory, by site, of hardware and software installed

• Manage
o Update site configurations as needed
? Update routers to control hardware allowed to attach
• DROID and like handsets
• Laptops used for demonstration purposes
• Touchscreen computers
? Update computing gear with new hardware as needed
• New vintage touchscreens
o Update software packages as needed
? Anti-Virus
? Content control
? Operating System
o Distribute updates on a scheduled or as needed basis
? RGA Site Changes for Touchscreens
? Set Top Box software or content updates
? Vendor provided links for eMail sites etc. (Marketstar, 2020, others)

Skills and Experience:
• Bachelors degree in technology-related field and/or
• 2 3 years hardware and software desktop support experience.
• Microsoft Windows 7 experience is a must.
• Windows XP and Vista experience (2 years or more)
• Knowledge of home based routers, printers, modems, LCD TVs.
• Knowledge of FiOS Television Service desired
• Extensive knowledge of laptops, desktop CPUs, video and printer components.
• Familiarity with using remote desktop applications a plus.
• Travel required -- three to five day trips. Some will be last-minute notice.
• Weekend duty in Ashburn on a rotating basis with colleagues.
• Ability to lift up to 70lbs (occasionally need to install large LCD monitors).

Candidate has extreme focus, and the ability to work efficiently with minimum supervision. Excellent phone skills/manners required. Ability to troubleshoot most desktop or tablet problems either over the phone or in person without assistance required.

Location: The Verizon building in Ashburn VA.

Travel: Nationwide, 5-15%. In some instances, travel may be at the last minute and will include weekends. Duration usually 2-3 days at a time. On Call: 1-2 days per week as a primary and/or secondary.

Additional Items Required to perform This Job:
• Valid drivers license
• Laptop (not provided by Verizon)
• Cell phone with unlimited text and unlimited calls (reimbursed up to $45)
• High speed internet at home (no dial-up or satellite ISP)

Venkat Rao
Ampcus Inc.
(703) 592-6304
(703) 862-6534