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Primary Care Navigator - Granada

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The Primary Care Navigator (PCN) is a field-based role with the main objective to accelerate the patient journey from primary to specialty care in his/her area of responsibility. He/She maps and understands the local patient journeys in order to identify the key pain points that delay patients from appropriate care.
The 3 main pillars of focus are: mapping the local patient journeys and opportunities to address pain points, establishing the needed networks between primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialty physicians (SPs), and securing the transition of care and adherence to therapy.

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Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Mapping the local patient journeys for dedicated therapeutic diseases with a focus to identify the pain points/ challenges, which delay the appropriate care.
• Communicate these specific insights about leakage points internally with marketing, sales, and Customer Services Unit (CSU) team to shape the needed solutions
• Map the established networks between primary care and secondary care and work closely with internal stakeholders (e.g. specialty reps, marketing, CSU team, etc) in order to improve or establish new ones, which accelerate patient journey
• Support healthcare professionals (HCP) to identify the right patient profiles that could benefit by early referral to specialty care
• Focus on patient adherence to the right therapy indicated by the specialty care
• Implement simple solutions at the customer level that could benefit the patient journey in each therapeutic category (e.g. diagnostic tools, customized medical education)

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Primary Care Navigator - Granada
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