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Summer Academy Internship

Save Our Youth – Denver, CO

Job Description


Save Our Youth

Internship Position – Summer Academy Intern

SOY is looking for enthusiastic and motivated interns with a sincere interest to work with at risk youth for their educational development and remediation. Applicants should have upstanding moral character, basic understanding of computers and working online and have adequate personal transportation. An intern needs to be a person who wants to make a difference in the lives of young men and women by helping them achieve academic success where struggle and failure has been the norm.

Please view our intern video at to hear the perspectives of previous interns.

Agency Mission:

  • Save Our Youth (SOY) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk youth through mentor relationships, that provide the skills for success in educational, emotional, and spiritual development.
  • SOY provides a Summer Academy to remediate students in language arts and math. SOY Summer Academies use online educational software. Academies run from 8am-2pm, each student spends 3-4 hours on the academic recovery skills and spends part of the day in life skills enrichment to enhance their educational experience. Interns are part of a larger group of 20+ interns who oversee 8-10 academic sites. Energy and motivation of the staff and the intern team are essential to the success of the Summer Academies.

Job Description:

Summer interns are key to the success of each academy. Their emotional and spiritual engagement and involvement set the tone for how much students will accomplish. Interns report to the Academy Site Manager in their administration of the academy in the following areas:

  • Oversight of the online software
  • Track student’s progress and attendance
  • Assist students in math and language arts
  • Oversight of all program logistics
  • Provide classroom management
  • Responsible for the spiritual and emotional development of the students
  • Training in “Why Try” curriculum (a motivational positive change curriculum)

Application Steps:

  1. Complete application
  2. Send resume & cover letter
  3. Provide 3 letters of reference (two non-family members)
  4. Complete Interview with SOY Staff
  5. Complete personal background check

Program requirements:

  • Summer Academy Internship is an unpaid position with the option to raise funds through SOY to cover their income costs. SOY will coach the Intern through the process
  • All funds raised will be returned back to the intern as “salary”, only income taxes will be deducted from raised finances.
  • Successful passing of the Language Arts and Math assessment exam
  • Completion of the DISC (Personality) Assessment. This assessment helps to gain self knowledge and team building knowledge
  • Attend mandatory 3 day pre-academy training for team building and adequate mentee culture preparation

Responsibilities include:

  • Work in teams of 2-3 interns per academy to oversee the online curriculum ( in math and language arts, while assisting students to work in a self-paced, computer based learning program
  • Participate in weekly debrief sessions to brainstorm, plan and trouble shoot the Summer Academy
  • Develop and lead motivational talks and life skill and enrichment activities
  • Coach a small group of students through the Summer Academy
  • Send a mid-summer donor report to all the intern’s financial supporters


  • Interns will make a major impact on the academic lives of a low-income, at-risk youth that has a 40-70% dropout rate.

o When an at-risk student graduates from high school, their self-esteem improves immediately, their income potential drastically increases and they become a positive model for peers, siblings and the community.

  • Interns will learn about the major sociological and psychological issues confronted by low-income individuals and families…issues that shape and often debilitate their lives.
  • Interns will hear from local experienced urban ministry professionals as they address the cultural nuances of urban youth culture.
  • Interns will experience and better understand the contrast and dissonance of messages of the middle-class and lower-class culture as one seeks to effectively minister in an urban youth context.
  • Interns will make a lifetime impact on the lives of low-income, at-risk youth.
  • Interns will be presented with relevant media to better understand the plight of the urban poor.
  • Interns will learn practical tools in counseling to effectively communicate with youth served.
  • Interns will learn practical skills in:

o The non-profit world One-on-one mentoring

o Classroom management Academic remediation

o Leadership development Personal fund-raising for ministry

Schedule of Internships:

  • SOY has a variety of intern positions available across Denver and Aurora between 5-8 weeks in duration
  • Summer Academies begin the last week in May and end the last week in July
  • Training for all the Academies will be held the last week of May