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Systems Administrator

Tradebot – Kansas City, MO

Job Description


• Install, configure, support, and maintain servers and desktop computers. Most trading is done

on Linux servers. Development is a mix of Windows and Linux.

• Help design and build our own servers optimized for performance and low latency.

• Configure network switches and routers. We have a complex WAN and LAN with about 8 data

centers in the US and Canada.

• Develop scripts to automate repetitive tasks such as tape backups.

• Tradebot Lab. Benchmark technology components to determine their real-world latency and



• Prefer Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field.

• Prefer MCSE or CCNA certification.

• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products including Outlook, Excel, and Word.

• Excellent communication skills.

• We hire for Aptitude, Character, and Enthusiasm. We are looking for associates who are eager

to learn and move up as the firm grows.


• Base salary $50k to $100k, depending on experience.

• Bonus Pool. This is where the big money is made. All associates participate in our annual

discretionary bonus pool. The amount is based on trading profits and other criteria set by the

board. Bonus payouts are not guaranteed – they are based on individual performance and the

success of the firm.

• Excellent benefits package including health insurance, paid-time-off, etc.

• Free lunch. The company provides lunch for all associates daily with rotating caterers.

Beating Wall Street from Kansas City

• Tradebot Systems is a broker-dealer that trades stock for its own account. Some days, we

account for 5% to 10% of all stock trading in America. We trade our own money and do not

have customers.

• High Frequency Trading (HFT) is one of the most technically demanding applications. We are

always upgrading to the latest hardware. Our stock trading system is one of the best in the

world. When market data changes, our system can react and make new orders in nanoseconds.

Our decisions are based on analyzing huge data sets to determine when we have a statistical


• Tradebot is privately owned by Dave Cummings. We started in 1999. We have around 60

associates and they all work out of our headquarters in Kansas City.​​