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Marketing Manager takes top spot for second time in four years  

LONDON (24 January, 2018) - The new year has traditionally been a popular time for people in the UK to search for new jobs and change careers. To help, Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing job sites, today announced its annual jobs report identifying the 25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2018. Marketing Manager claims the top spot followed by Operations Manager and Audit Manager (which also has the highest UK job satisfaction rating). This year, not one tech-based role has featured in the top 10, something never before seen in Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in the UK report.

This report highlights the 25 best jobs based on each job’s overall Glassdoor Job Score(1). The Glassdoor Job Score is determined using three key factors: earning potential based on median annual base salary, job satisfaction rating and number of job openings. The jobs that made this list stand out across all three categories.

The 25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2018 are:

  1. Marketing Manager
  • Job Score: 4.5
  • Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.0
  • Number of Job Openings: 1,580
  • Median Base Salary: £42,000
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  1. Operations Manager
  • Job Score: 4.4
  • Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.0
  • Number of Job Openings: 1,169
  • Median Base Salary: £42,000
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  1. Audit Manager
  • Job Score: 4.4
  • Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.3
  • Number of Job Openings: 420
  • Median Base Salary: £55,000
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  1. Finance Manager
  • Job Score: 4.4
  • Job Satisfaction Rating: 3.6
  • Number of Job Openings: 1,703
  • Median Base Salary: £60,900
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  1. Product Manager
  • Job Score: 4.3
  • Job Satisfaction Rating: 3.7
  • Number of Job Openings: 1,003
  • Median Base Salary: £52,000
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*SEE COMPLETE RESULTS for the 25 Best Jobs in UK for 2018.

“Although tech jobs don’t make the Top 10 this year, jobs in finance and other more highly-skilled traditional roles remain prominent in the UK,” said Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor Chief Economist. “However, this year will see AI and job automation impact every facet of the UK workforce in some way, and two industries that are ripe for considerable changes in 2018 are human resources and finance. Revolutionary new AI tools are complementing people’s skills in both these industries, which could upend many established and easy-to-automate roles that we see in this list.”

This is the fourth year that Glassdoor has published its Best Jobs in the UK report. Only five tech-based jobs make up the top 25, with none featuring in the top 10. Marketing Manager takes the top spot, up from #12 in 2017, whereas last year’s #1, Finance Manager, is down to #4. Many of these jobs, such as Business Analyst (#9, 4.2), Business Development Manager (#11, 4.2), National Account Manager (#20, 4.0) and Executive Assistant (#25, 3.9), can be performed in a variety of sectors, showing the versatility of roles throughout the list. Solutions Architect (#14, 4.1) has the highest median annual base salary of £70,000, and Audit Manager (#3, 4.4) has the highest job satisfaction rating at 4.3.


Methodology: Glassdoor’s 25 Best Jobs in UK report identifies specific jobs with the highest overall Glassdoor Job Score. The Glassdoor Job Score is determined by weighing three factors equally: earning potential (median annual base salary), overall job satisfaction rating, and number of job openings. Results represent job titles that rate highly among all three categories. The Glassdoor Job Score is based on a 5-point scale (5.0=best job, 1.0=bad job). For a job title to be considered, it must receive at least 30 salary reports and at least 30 job satisfaction ratings shared by UK-based employees over the past year (02/01/2017-01/01/2018). The number of job openings per job title represents active job listings on Glassdoor as of 1/1/18. This report takes into account job title normalisation that groups similar job titles.

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