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Employee Retention and Estimated Recruiting Cost Savings Calculator

June 19, 2018
This calculator estimates average cost savings that your company could expect from better employee retention by hiring informed candidates on Glassdoor. …

Local Pay Reports: Historical Data

January 1, 2018
Note: Data presented in Glassdoor’s Local Pay Reports are revised monthly to improve accuracy using the latest data, so historical reports may not be str…

What Type of Company Are We? How “Cultural Agreement” Affects Your Business Performance

November 13, 2017
Getting a company’s culture right is a delicate balance. On one hand, companies would like to create “cultural agreement” — a homogeneous culture to…

Do Customers Care How Employees Are Treated?

May 9, 2017
Most businesses carefully manage their reputations, keeping tabs on their customers’ Yelp reviews, Facebook posts and tweets. But there’s another source of …

Corporate Fraud Linked to Poor Glassdoor Reviews

May 8, 2017
Whenever a company is accused of fraud, there’s usually speculation about whether or not its company culture enabled wrongdoing. Is there a link between good …

Glassdoor Local Pay Reports FAQ

December 29, 2016
Glassdoor’s Local Pay Reports are designed to provide a real-time overview of trends in median base pay for full-time U.S. workers nationally and in metro are…

JUST Capital Releases Inaugural JUST 100 List Including Glassdoor Data

December 1, 2016
When investors want to know how a publicly traded company is performing financially, there are lots of data available. But what if you want to know whether it&…

Glassdoor Labour Market Index

October 19, 2016
In a global labour market, employers need information about the different places where they can choose to invest and hire, and job seekers need information abou…

Which Countries in Europe Have the Best Gender Equality in the Workplace?

May 17, 2016
Despite progress that has been made with more women entering the workplace, a gender gap in employment still persists across Europe and in the U.S., according t…

Which Countries in Europe Offer the Best Standard of Living?

April 27, 2016
Where in Europe can you earn the highest wages and in which countries does your money stretch the furthest? Average wages vary considerably from one European co…
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