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Morgan Smart

Data Scientist

Morgan Smart is a data scientist at Glassdoor, focused on building models and data analytics and reporting around the company's consumer engagement metrics. Prior to this role, Morgan worked on the Glassdoor Economic Research team to develop the data production behind Glassdoor Local Pay Reports and other machine learning models. She holds a bachelor's degree in statistics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Give to Get: A Mechanism to Reduce Bias in Online Reviews

and October 11, 2017
Executive Summary: A common problem with online reviews is polarization bias: There are many extremely positive or negative reviews and few moderate opinions. T…

Why Do Workers Quit? The Factors That Predict Employee Turnover

and February 15, 2017
People change jobs and companies many times during their lives. When moving to the next role, some workers stay while others leave for a new employer. What fact…

Finding Love At Work: Patterns in Glassdoor Data

July 29, 2015
Love in the workplace is often a taboo topic. But even though some employers discourage and even prohibit workplace romance, it’s no secret that co-workers ro…