Where is the Best Country in Europe to Get a Job? New Report from Glassdoor Economic Research

January 6, 2016

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It is easier to get a job in some European countries than others, and Estonia, Norway and the UK lead the way when it comes to job prospects due to a host of economic factors. These countries have some major advantages including the quality of the workforce, labour market policies and an environment where the economy supports rapid job growth.

In this new report from Glassdoor Economic Research, conducted in cooperation with Llewellyn Consulting, we set out to identify which countries offered the best job prospects and why. The research, spanning 16 countries in Europe, presents analysis of eight key employment indicators, including: rates of unemployment, temporary employment, involuntary part-time working and the “employment gap” (comparing current employment rates with the pre-crisis rates).

Key Findings

  • Estonia, Norway, the UK and Austria have recovered well since the 2008 financial crisis and have relatively low levels of the population either unemployed or “under-employed.”
  • France has a more regulated labour market than the UK or Germany and offers far poorer job prospects.
  • Spain, Greece and Portugal, with their even-less-dynamic labour markets and combined lacklustre economic performance have the lowest number of prospects.
  • Unemployment is particularly high in Greece and Spain, affecting around 25 percent of the workforce.
  • Temporary contracts mean little flexibility, low pay and low job security; they are most common in Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal and least common in Estonia, the UK and Norway.
  • Involuntary part-time work has increased across the board since 2008, except in Germany, Belgium and Sweden.

Read more about this study in a blog post by Glassdoor Chief Economist, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain.