Looking to Upgrade? These are the Best Jobs for 2022

February 2, 2022

Key Takeaways:

  • Enterprise Architect is the #1 Best Job in America, striking a strong balance between salary, job openings and job satisfaction; a relevant role as our work and life increasingly goes digital. Overall, nearly half of jobs are in tech.  
  • Psychiatrist (#22) and Psychologist (#34) made the Best Jobs list for the first time amidst an ongoing pandemic that has disrupted the workplace, leading many workers to experience burnout. Four healthcare roles are featured this year, showing the opportunities that remain in healthcare right now.
  • Remote work has permanently changed the workplace with Glassdoor employee reviews mentioning ‘hybrid’ increasing by 626 percent over the last year. The top jobs offering the most access to work from home options are Database Architect (#47), Salesforce Developer (#18) and Solutions Engineer (#45).

The Great Upgrade

In the last year, job openings soared and record levels of worker turnover shifted the balance of power to the worker, with a large swath of employees and job-seekers  fine-tuning a better work-life balance and making deliberate choices about their job. As many start 2022 on the hunt for a new career or job, Glassdoor’s Best Jobs for 2022 show where job-seekers can hope to find the most widely available jobs, offering the highest salaries and job satisfaction.

Using Glassdoor’s unique data on jobs and companies, we compiled a list of the 50 Best Jobs in America for 2022 to help people find jobs they’ll love. This list identifies the top careers for job seekers based on jobs on Glassdoor that contain the right mix of available job openings, high job satisfaction and high earning potential. Many roles are in tech, including Enterprise Architect, which is the #1 job for 2022, with responsibilities including upkeep and maintenance of an organization’s technology infrastructure and overseeing software that is used to improve business processes. The second best job is Full Stack Engineer, whose responsibilities include developing websites or applications, catering to both the user experience and functionality. The third best job of 2022 is Data Scientist, whose responsibilities include collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to extract insights and improve business decision making.

Although tech jobs, due to their flexible working schedules, generous benefits and opportunities to work on cutting edge technology, feature prominently on this year’s list, there are many other opportunities outside of tech, such as healthcare, real estate and more.  For instance, the appearance of Psychiatrist (#22) and Psychologist (#34) indicate the available opportunities amidst an ongoing public health crisis, extended periods of isolation and the need for community. Jobs in human resources (HR) such as HR Manager (#13), Corporate Recruiter (#17) and HR Business Partner (#39) also made the list as the continued hunt for top talent and retention remains a challenge for employers.

Top 10 Best Jobs in America for 2022

RankJob TitleMedian
Active Job
1Enterprise Architect$144,9974.114,021
2Full Stack Engineer$101,7944.311,252
3Data Scientist$120,0004.110,071
4Dev Ops Engineer$120,0954.28,548
5Strategy Manager$140,0004.26,977
6Machine Learning Engineer$130,4894.36,801
7Data Engineer$113,9604.011,821
8Software Engineer$116,6383.964,155
9Java Developer$107,0994.110,201
10Product Manager$125,3174.017,725

Check out the whole list of Glassdoor’s Best Jobs for 2022 in the U.S. and Best Jobs for 2022 in the UK.

The Hybrid Work Model

Workers want flexibility, and to attract the best and brightest, employers are embracing hybrid work. Reviews mentioning ‘hybrid’ increased by 626 percent across all employers on Glassdoor over the past year.

Jobs offering work from home (WFH) as a benefit provide job seekers with greater opportunities and remove barriers such as location requirements, commuting costs, and ease child care obligations. Below, we  have identified the Best Jobs where workers have indicated that they have the most access to WFH. Glassdoor benefit data shows that the job with the most access to the WFH benefit is Database Architect (#47), with 94 percent reporting access to WFH.

 Jobs Offering The Most Access To Work From Home

Job TitlePercent of
Benefit Reviews
Database Architect94%
Salesforce Developer93%
Solutions Engineer91%
Machine Learning Engineer90%
Product Marketing Manager90%
Enterprise Architect90%
Scrum Master89%
Customer Success Manager88%
Cloud Engineer87%

Essential Skills To Land Some of the Best Jobs

Maintaining the knowledge and skills necessary to remain effective at current and future roles requires continual upskilling in a fast-changing workplace.

We examine skills used for each of the top 50 Best Jobs for 2022 to identify the most common technical and non-technical essential skills.

Technical skills are highly specialized and in high demand, which help employees earn higher salaries. The most common technical skill is machine learning, which is important for jobs like Data Scientist (#3), Machine Learning Engineer (#6) and Software Engineer (#8). Workers with this skill will be able to develop models to identify patterns in big data. Other skills worth picking up include distributed computing and time series analysis.

Non-technical skills are more widely dispersed across jobs and are essential to solving complex problems. The most common non-technical skill is product management, often used in managerial roles such as Product Manager (#10), Business Development Manager (#14) and Marketing Manager (#19). Product management is a business skill dealing with planning and developing new product features and offerings to enhance business growth. Other non-tech skills include contract administration and project management.

Picking up some of these common essential skills enable workers to quickly adapt to changes in the business or job requirements. Looking for a new job? Acquiring these common essential skills provide job seekers a wider array of employers, across different industries, to choose from.

Moving Forward

Employees flexing their muscles are becoming more courageous in their jobs, seizing the opportunity to make bigger asks and are unafraid to resign if their needs are left unmet. Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs of 2022 offer insights as to where employees should look next and what skills they will want to pick up along the way.


How We Determine the Best Jobs 

This report identifies Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America based on three criteria. The top jobs are determined by weighing three factors equally: earning potential (median annual base salary), overall job satisfaction rating and number of job openings on Glassdoor.

For a job title to be considered for the list, it must receive at least 100 salary reports on Glassdoor and at least 100 job satisfaction ratings shared by U.S.-based employees over the past year (12/12/2020-12/12/2021). A job title must also have at least 2,000 job openings as of 12/12/2021 to be considered for this list. The number of job openings per job title represents active job listings on Glassdoor as of 12/12/2021. This report uses a proprietary algorithm to group similar job titles together. C-suite and intern level jobs were excluded from this report.

How We Determine Work From Home Access

We examine benefit reviews on Glassdoor for the work from home benefit. Employees can indicate “Yes”, “No” or “Unsure” in response to whether they have access to the benefit or not. “Access” is defined as the proportion of users indicating that the work from home benefit is available out of the total count of work from home benefit reviews, for each occupation.

How We Determine the Most Common “Essential” Skills

To identify “essential” skills for a certain occupation, we start by counting the number of times every skill appears in job listings on Glassdoor for that occupation. If a skill appears an above-median number of times for all skills in that occupation, we label it as “essential” to highlight skills that comprise a majority of the skill requirements for an occupation. Lastly, we identify the essential skills that appear most commonly among the top 50 Best Jobs.

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