Conversation Starters: Gender Pay Gap Narrowest on Record

Daniel Zhao

July 19, 2023

The gender pay gap narrowed in Q2 with median weekly earnings for women working full-time rising to 84.5 percent relative to those of men, the narrowest such gap on record. Despite concerns earlier in the pandemic of a "she-cession", women have been a significant driver of the labor market recovery.

This mirrors and is likely a reflection of strengthening employment trends for women: Women's employment-population ratio for ages 25-54 rose to a record high 75.3 percent in June 2023. Over the course of the recovery, American women have been increasingly looking for work and finding it.

Conversation Starters are a periodic series of charts and data points from Glassdoor’s Economic Research team aimed at sparking conversations on timely trends in employee satisfaction, workplace community, the future of work, and the labor market more broadly. 

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