What’s Ahead for Jobs? Five Disruptions to Watch in 2018

December 20, 2017

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This year was a landmark year for hiring. Despite two major hurricanes and political friction in Washington, D.C., the U.S. economy forged ahead in 2017, adding 1.9 million new jobs (as of November) and the nation’s unemployment rate seeing a 17-year low. Although the year was good for many workers, average wages remained flat and job growth remained sharply divided for others. As the labor market continues to change, what are the next big disruptors in jobs and hiring?

At Glassdoor, we have a unique point of view on the future of work and hiring, with access to millions of real-time job listings, salaries, and company reviews. That allows us to keep a pulse on what’s happening in jobs, recruiting, and company culture, and offer insights into what’s coming next in the labor market.

We’ve selected five big trends we observed in hiring in 2017, and five big disruptions we see coming in 2018 and beyond to the fast-changing world of work and hiring, including:

  • How tech jobs are shifting beyond Silicon Valley.
  • The power of whistleblowers.
  • A boom in hiring — will it last?
  • Goodbye annual reviews, hello role experimentation.
  • Bracing for AI in HR and finance.
  • Why employers look for informed candidates.
  • More transparency in the job application process.
  • Tapping employee passion through role experimentation.
  • Modernization of mobile job search.
  • The changing face of job creation in America.

To learn more, read the full report, see our press release or visit the Glassdoor Blog.