Job Market Trends: Five Hiring Disruptions to Watch in 2019

December 18, 2018

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After nine years of steady growth, the nation’s economy charged ahead in 2018.

Employers in the United States added 2.27 million new jobs as of November, riding a wave of federal tax cuts that pushed the nation’s unemployment rate down to 3.7 percent — the lowest since 1969. Unemployment hit 2 percent in many cities, fueling a decade-long war for talent in tech, healthcare, e-commerce, and professional services. Employers spent much of 2018 scrambling for innovative ways to recruit, facing a record 7 million unfilled jobs throughout America.

What are the next big workplace disruptions on the horizon? At Glassdoor, we have a unique vantage point on the future of work and hiring, with access to millions of real-time job listings, salaries, and company reviews from around the world. That allows us to keep a pulse on what’s happening in jobs, recruiting, and pay, and offers clues about what’s coming next for workers and employers.

In this report, we share the top 5 trends that shaped 2018 and our predictions about what’s coming next in 2019 for today’s fast-changing world of work and hiring, including:

  • Why AI will be workers’ friend, not foe.
  • The issue of employee data privacy.
  • How local talent matters more than ever.
  • The gig economy is much smaller than we thought.
  • More women are taking leadership positions.
  • How growing data pools will mean new job search methods.
  • Why the new era of hiring will be more non-tech jobs.
  • Getting diversity, inclusion and belonging right.
  • How shifting workforce demographics may lead to future labor shortages.
  • Should we brace for a coming economic recession?

To learn more, DOWNLOAD the full report. To hear an in-depth conversation with Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain about this year’s trends, check out Hiring Predictions for 2019: Your Cheat Sheet for Winning Top Talent.