Glassdoor Research Data Partnerships

November 8, 2018

Update: As of April 2023, Glassdoor is temporarily unable to consider new research proposals for academic data sharing. We will update this page once we are able to do so again. 

Glassdoor was established with the mission of bringing transparency to careers and the workplace experience. Sharing our data with academic researchers is an important part of bringing that mission to life.

We are a very small team with limited resources to review and support research data partnerships. Once per month, our Economic Research team reviews proposals submitted to

Proposals should include at minimum:

  • An overview of the data being requested;
  • A brief summary of research methodology;
  • An approximate timeline and target publications or other outcomes/products;
  • The names, titles and affiliations of any researchers who will be accessing the data, including research assistants.

We may contact you for further details to assess the feasibility of a request, and if we are able to support the research partnership. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to every inquiry.


Do I have to be affiliated with a university?

Yes. We generally cannot accept proposals from corporate-affiliated researchers or independent graduate student researchers not working under the supervision of a graduate advisor.

When will I hear back from you?

We review proposals once per month and will reply if we are able to support it.

Does Glassdoor ever fund research?

Not at the current time.

(Updated December 16, 2022.)