Glassdoor’s Job & Hiring Trends for 2020

Dr. Andrew Chamberlain

November 12, 2019

Today’s hiring market presents more challenges to talent professionals than ever before. Workplaces are becoming more transparent, and new technologies are changing how companies find, hire, and retain talent. While rapidly changing HR tech has sparked anxiety among some talent professionals, it also presents immense opportunities for employers in the coming decade. What’s next for talent acquisition leaders as we enter a new decade in 2020? At Glassdoor, we have a unique vantage point with millions of company reviews, real-time job listings, salaries, and more from around the world. This year, we’ve curated a list of eight HR and recruiting trends we anticipate for 2020 and what’s likely to shape the coming decade, which include:
  1. AI will get a seat in upper management.
  2. 2020 will begin a culture-first decade for employers.
  3. Companies will refresh hiring playbooks ahead of a potential recession.
  4.  Employers will further prioritize diversity and inclusion jobs.
  5. Recruiters will adapt as 65+ Baby Boomers become the fastest-growing workforce.
  6. More people will find their next job on a mobile device.
  7. Brexit will threaten tech hiring in the UK.
  8. The 2020 election cycle will unleash companies’ political side.

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