JUST Capital Releases Inaugural JUST 100 List Including Glassdoor Data

December 2, 2016

When investors want to know how a publicly traded company is performing financially, there are lots of data available. But what if you want to know whether it’s a good corporate citizen more broadly?

In the past, there have been very few objective measures. Now, JUST Capital and Forbes have published the JUST 100 List, which ranks top companies in 32 major industries on issues Americans care about. Glassdoor contributed research support and data that helped evaluate and rank the companies.

Glassdoor has its own ranking of top workplaces, it’s annual list of the Best Places to Work. The Employees’ Choice Awards are selected by those who know a company best – the employees. Employers on the JUST 100 List including Ford Motor, Southwest Airlines and Eastman have also appeared on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list in the past.

The 32 companies that stood out from their peers and received the highest scores are featured in the JUST 100 List, which is published in Forbes. A selection of the most just companies in America include:

Automobile & Components: Ford Motor

Capital Goods: Fluor

Chemicals: Eastman Chemical

Commercial & Professional Services: Verisk Analytics

Consumer & Diversified Finance: American Express

Food, Beverage, & Tobacco: PepsiCo

Healthcare Providers & Services: Humana

Media: Discovery Communications

Retailing: CarMax

Transportation: Southwest Airlines

Glassdoor company ratings as of 12/1/16.

To create the list, JUST Capital asked more than 50,000 Americans to share their priorities for corporate responsibility. Some issues that respondents highlighted were paying employees a living wage, offering paid time off, maintaining safe working conditions, and being environmentally responsible. The issues that respondents said were the most crucial were those relating to worker pay and treatment.

JUST Capital examined over 890 publicly traded companies to see how they performed on 36 social criteria. Glassdoor contributed employer reviews and salaries from current and former employees, which reflect if companies are supportive of their workers and if they pay them well.

Employers: to promote your JUST 100 List win on your Glassdoor profile, visit your Glassdoor Employer Center and add it to the awards section to be featured prominently for candidates to see. To claim your Glassdoor profile to add awards, unlock your Free Employer Account.