Defining Workplace Culture: Glassdoor & MIT Sloan Management Review Launch Culture 500

June 25, 2019

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Company culture is an increasingly important priority for both job seekers and business leaders.  Though evidence grows for the business benefits of strong culture, actually measuring culture has historically been difficult.

To bring clarity to what corporate culture entails and how to measure it, Glassdoor teamed up with MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR) to introduce the Culture 500, a groundbreaking and first-ever online interactive tool that scientifically ranks and compares the corporate cultures of more than 500 companies driving the U.S. economy.

Now for the first time, the Culture 500 provides a precise definition and applies sophisticated artificial intelligence technology developed by MIT SMR to Glassdoor’s rich company review data to rank corporations based on nine cultural dimensions referred to as the “Big Nine:” collaboration, integrity, agility, diversity, customer orientation, execution, innovation, performance, and respect.

According to Glassdoor data, company culture is among the top factors that job seekers consider as part of their job search. Using the power of our review data on workplace culture in this collaboration with MIT SMR uncovers valuable insights that help employers understand the core elements defining corporate culture and build them into their organizations. 

See the full Culture 500, including an interactive tool to rank companies based on the Big Nine cultural values and full analysis using MIT’s AI algorithm and Glassdoor user review data. 

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