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Glassdoor’s Annual 2017 Gender Pay Analysis Checkup

July 28, 2017
We believe pay transparency is something that helps job seekers and employers alike. As part of Glassdoor’s continuing effort to put that belief into practice…

Beyond Silicon Valley: Tech Jobs Spreading Out of Tech Hubs

July 26, 2017
A decade ago, most tech jobs were concentrated in the “tech” industry. Today, every company is trying to transform itself into a tech company, and roles rel…

Ahead of Friday’s Jobs Report: The Jobs Picture for New Grads

May 30, 2017
With summer around the corner, a fresh batch of college grads is preparing to enter the workforce. What are their prospects for jobs and pay? This Friday’s j…

The Sweet Spot: Jobs With High Pay and Rapid Growth

May 22, 2017
In the monthly Glassdoor Local Pay Reports, we examine pay growth trends for 60 different jobs across 10 major metros and the United States. But what’s the co…

Do Customers Care How Employees Are Treated?

May 9, 2017
Most businesses carefully manage their reputations, keeping tabs on their customers’ Yelp reviews, Facebook posts and tweets. But there’s another source of …

Corporate Fraud Linked to Poor Glassdoor Reviews

May 8, 2017
Whenever a company is accused of fraud, there’s usually speculation about whether or not its company culture enabled wrongdoing. Is there a link between good …

Trump’s First 100 Days: Impact on Jobs and the Economy

April 25, 2017
Presidents are often judged by their first 100 days in office. While most analyses focus on bills and executive orders signed, our economists asked a different …

The Pipeline Problem: How College Majors Contribute to the Gender Pay Gap

and April 19, 2017
For many people, college is a time for personal growth and exploration. However, it’s also a time that affects future careers. The choice among college majors…

Does Google Have a Gender Pay Gap?

April 11, 2017
On Friday, the Department of Labor announced it had been investigating Google for paying women employees less than men. Google has disputed the allegations. But…

How to Analyze Your Gender Pay Gap: An Employer’s Guide

April 4, 2017
According to a recent Glassdoor survey, more than two-thirds (67 percent) of U.S. employees say they would not apply for jobs at employers where they believe a …
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