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Does Google Have a Gender Pay Gap?

April 11, 2017
On Friday, the Department of Labor announced it had been investigating Google for paying women employees less than men. Google has disputed the allegations. But…

The Widest Gender Pay Gaps in Tech

November 15, 2016
Transparency plays an important role in the tech industry – especially when it comes to learning about how much you should earn. Here at Glassdoor, I want…

What’s the Real-World Impact of Research at Glassdoor?

April 15, 2016
Nearly two years ago, I began an incredible journey at Glassdoor. Back then, I was asked to help architect a think-tank-style research group from scratch. Our…

Glassdoor Roundtable: Why Transparency Matters for Gender Pay Equity

April 12, 2016
With actors Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence recently shining a light on gender pay gaps in Hollywood, and members of the U.S. women’s soccer team filing…

3 Ways Salary Transparency Helps Business in Wake of Obama’s Effort to Close Pay Gaps

February 4, 2016
Last week, President Obama proposed a new rule that would require companies with more than 100 employees to report salary data by race, gender and ethnicity. Th…

November Jobs Report: Are Labor Market Gaps Closing?

November 25, 2015
With the Fed likely to raise interest rates at the upcoming December meeting, economists are watching the November jobs report closely. What’s next for the la…

Pay Transparency: Good for Business, Great for Workers

April 27, 2015
What do your coworkers earn, and why? Outside of a small number of government and union jobs that question has long been taboo. Thanks to growing sources of job…

Is Salary Transparency More Than a Trend? Lessons from Economic Research

April 27, 2015
How does “salary transparency” affect job seekers and companies? This report explores lessons from recent economic research on how workplace transparency af…

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