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Glassdoor Economic Research shares insights and conducts research on today’s labor market. Our economists and data scientists help job seekers, employers, and the media understand trends in hiring, pay and the broader economy based on Glassdoor’s unique data on job openings, salaries, benefits, company reviews and more. [GitHub | Tableau Public]

Daniel Zhao

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Senior Economist and Lead Data Scientist

Daniel Zhao is a senior economist and data scientist at Glassdoor. As a member of the Economic Research team, he is passionate about doing research that makes recruiting more efficient, unbiased and transparent for both employers and job seekers. At Glassdoor, he has also worked on improving the user experience for Glassdoor’s consumer jobs product and mobile app. Prior to joining Glassdoor, Daniel worked on email personalization as a data scientist at Wayfair in Boston. He holds a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics and economics from Harvard College.

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Lauren Thomas

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EMEA Economist and Data Scientist

Lauren Thomas is an economist and data scientist at Glassdoor, responsible for research on the EMEA (Europe and Middle Eastern Area) labour market. She's excited to be a part of a team that is helping to improve transparency and equity in the workforce. Before Glassdoor, she worked as an economic research analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and as a writer on research methodology. She has a MSc in Social Data Science from Oxford University, a MSc in Economics from Université Lumière Lyon, where she was a Fulbright Scholar, and a BA in Economics and Political Science from Northwestern University.

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Richard Johnson

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Associate Economist and Data Scientist

Richard Johnson is an associate economist and data scientist at Glassdoor. As a member of the Economic Research team, he is passionate about doing research that provides evaluative and empowering insights to job-seekers--enabling them to take charge of their career paths--as well as employers looking for better ways to understand and serve a robust and ever-evolving labor market. Prior to Glassdoor, Richard was in the artificial intelligence branch at Accenture as a Data Scientist consultant, developing predictive models in the supply chain for various data pipelines and defense systems. Richard holds a master’s in the social sciences with a concentration in economics and computer science from the University of Chicago, a masters in applied economics from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s in economics and statistics from the University of North Texas.

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Alison Sullivan

Data and Economics Communications Manager

Alison Sullivan is a data and economics communications manager at Glassdoor. She is responsible for the Economic Research team's media relations and communications efforts. She works with Glassdoor's chief economist and data scientists to tell data-driven stories about what’s happening in the job market, workplace, and recruiting. Before joining Glassdoor, Alison was at LaunchSquad where she drove public relations and creative campaigns for startups and brands in technology and consumer goods. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science from the University of Iowa.