Why Online Reviews Matter for Employer Brand: Evidence from Glassdoor

Jacques Bulchand-Gidumal

January 11, 2017

Do online reviews by employees matter to an employer brand? In our recently published study, we conducted an experiment to learn how online employee reviews affected employer brands and how that in turn influenced job seekers.  Study Highlights:
  • For our study, we conducted an experiment in which participants read a company review from Glassdoor and then shared their opinion of the company. They rated their willingness to apply for a job with the company or to recommend it to other job seekers. They also stated the salary increase they would want if they were offered a job by that employer.
  • Participants who saw a positive review formed a better opinion of the company, were more eager to apply and to recommend it, and said they would ask for smaller salary increases than participants who saw a negative or neutral review.
  • Regardless of the type of review they saw, participants considered reviews by employees and former employees to be more reliable sources of information than awards the company had received for excellent human resource practices.
  • The findings suggest that employers should actively monitor reviews, improve their workplaces in response to feedback in reviews, and reply directly to reviews on social media sites. Effectively responding to reviews by employees can help companies maintain a positive employer brand.
To learn more, read the full study Why Online Reviews Matter for Employer Brand: Evidence from Glassdoor. For employers, learn more in the new eBook, The Proven Value of Employer Brand To receive new research and regular labor market updates, subscribe to Glassdoor Economic Research.

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