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Explain the difference between TCP and UDP

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UDP is for like Skype and TCP is for like Youtube.....thats all I know but it has to do with the way packets are received and acknowledged

Interview Candidate on Apr 21, 2011

TCP is a reliable protocol that utilizes windowing and acknowledgement packets to ensure all traffic is transmitted and received

UDP is an unreliable protocol that does not utilize windowing and acknowledgements, and is good to use when you can't re-transmit a packet (EG a voice or video packet)

Seen this before on May 9, 2013

That's really as difficult as it gets?

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2016

UDP packet processing is faster compared to TCP packet processing. This is because once TCP packets are delivered to the destination, an acknowledgement is expected at the transmission end. If no acknowledgement is received, re-transmission of packets occurs at the transmission end. This is opposite to UDP operation, in which no acknowledgement is necessary.

Anonymous on Dec 8, 2017

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