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Whether you're looking for a new job or you're completely satisfied where you are - your work matters - and we want you to have all the information you need to make the most of your career. So we're here to give you an inside look at any job or company. Anonymous salaries, company reviews, interview questions, workplace photos, and much more - all posted by people on the inside, and all for free!

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How do I see all salaries, reviews, or interview questions?

Glassdoor is completely free - there are no subscriptions or data fees. Instead we ask you to post information of your own to get access to everything posted by the Glassdoor community. We call this our "give-to-get" model and it's our way of ensuring we have enough information to offer the community.

We think it seems pretty fair – it only takes a minute to post one of the following (your anonymous salary, company review, interview experience) and you'll then get access to thousands posted by our community. Or if you're not ready to post, simply create a Basic account to get access to everything for24 hours.

How can this really be anonymous?

If you work at a small company or are the only one with your job title, you can post without giving us the information that may allow others to identify you. For example, when posting a salary you don't even need to tell us your company (which means it will not appear on the site). And when you're posting a review, we don't require you to tell us your job title or location (i.e., your review can be from "anonymous"). That should allow you to post while still maintaining your anonymity.

How do you know the posts are really from employees?

Because all of our salaries and reviews are anonymous, we require all our users to verify their account via email before any of their posts are shared with the community. This verification allows us to put measures in place to identify any suspicious users or posts (even if those cases are the exception rather than the rule). These measures, combined with an active employee community and our commitment to review every post before it appears on the site, allow us to have the confidence that our information is really from employees. See for yourself, read a few reviews and you'll see that those insights can only come from those on the inside.