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19 Innovative Companies Hiring Now

Feeling invigorated and excited by the work you do is a career goal for many, and one way to achieve that is by working somewhere that puts innovation first. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity that gets you in on the ground floor of a company primed to become a leader in its niche or a well-established force in the space when you can hone your talents, here’s who’s hiring right now and making waves.

1. SpaceX

Why They’re Innovative: SpaceX is working on ways to get regular people—not just astronauts—to space. That’s pretty much the definition of innovating.

Open Roles: Senior Buyer, Thermal Engineer, Business Systems Analyst, Purchasing Coordinator, Executive IT Support Specialist, Recruiting Coordinator, & more.

What Employees Say: “The people are very smart and it is cool to just walk around and look at rocket parts when your head starts to hurt from thinking too long. The free perks make you feel better about your long days and watching the rockets launch, from mission control, is the cherry on top for the whole experience.” —Current Employee

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2. Apple

Why They’re Innovative: The iPhone X is no doubt the phone of the future, and Air Pods, the wireless headphones everyone thought looked pretty weird at first, are now perched on the ears of commuters, exercisers, and music lovers worldwide.

Open Roles: Supplier Quality Engineer, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Product Feedback Analyst, Store Leader, Training Program Manager, & more.

What Employees Say: “We work with geniuses — in every department. We create innovative products that thrill our customers and create new product categories. Who else can say that?” —Current Employee

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3. Stitch Fix

Why They’re Innovative: Simply put, Stitch Fix is changing the way people shop. Using data science, they’re able to send customers exactly what they want for an incredibly intelligent and time-saving retail experience.

Open Roles: Buying Coordinator, Executive Assistant, Buyer, Analytics Engineer, Director of People and Culture Business Partner, Stylist, & more.

What Employees Say: “Best company I have worked for bar-none. Most of the employees at this company really care about the customer experience, and that permeates through the organization from stylists, to warehouse associates, to HQ employees, all the way up to leadership.” —Current Director

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4. Patagonia

Why They’re Innovative: Patagonia is a retail business, but it has gone beyond the scope of the typical retailer by getting deeply involved in environmental activism and even dipping its toes in the political world, redefining what it means to be a for-profit business in the age of activism.

Open Roles: Environmental Programs Manager, Business Analyst, Talent Analytics Lead, Assistant Store Manager, Shipper, Designer – Men’s Sportswear, & more.

What Employees Say: “The company does live by its mission statement and if you are an environmentalist and values-driven person, you’ll feel good about working for Patagonia.
There is an opportunity for a good work-life-balance at Patagonia and the current CEO does seem to truly care about maintaining this, too.” Current Employee

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5. Expedia

Why They’re Innovative: is one of the world’s largest full-service travel sites, helping millions of travelers per month easily plan and book travel. Expedia has a Facebook chatbot, an Expedia skill for Amazon Alexa and a chatbot for Skype to help you find the best deals and book the travel of your dreams.

Open Roles: Product Development Manager, Flights Coordinator, Junior Account Manager, Associate Market Manager, Account Executive, Data Scientist, Agent Support Specialist & more.

What Employees Say: “Good culture with strong ethics, takes care of the employees well, great benefits, competitive salary, the advantage of working for a global organization.” Current Employee

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6. Uber

Why They’re Innovative: This company has changed the transportation scene so thoroughly that its name is actually used as a verb. But their ubiquity hasn’t stopped them from trying to do more. From entering the food delivery space to testing out driverless vehicles, they’re continuing to forge ahead in the tech and transportation arenas.

Open Roles: Head of Customer Experience, Public Policy Senior Associate, Data Scientist, Product Marketing Manager, Autonomy Validation Engineer, & more.

What Employees Say: “I love being able to work around truly passionate people who are ready to change the world. The culture is great, free snacks and food is big plus. I had the opportunity to take ownership of projects within my first month.” —Current Operations and Logistics Manager

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7. CVS Health

Why They’re Innovative: From a new digital system to help patients understand their prescriptions to removing tobacco products from their shelves, it’s clear that CVS is unafraid to make bold choices in the ever-evolving healthcare space.

Open Roles: Operations Supervisor, VP Trade Analytics, Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation, Data Coordinator, Benefits Representative, & more.

What Employees Say: “A large company with autonomy and visibility. There is a lot of opportunity to move around departments if you like new challenges.” Current Brand Manager

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8. Facebook

Why They’re Innovative: The social media giant has made waves in the news this year for a variety of reasons both positive and negative, but it’s undeniable they’re still one of the biggest names in the innovation game. Between making Instagram shoppable and revolutionizing the way the world sees advertisements, it’s clear Facebook will continue to push the envelope.  

Open Roles: Client Solutions Manager, Administrative Assistant, Client Partner – Activation, Facilities Project Manager, Data Scientist, Network Engineer & more.

What Employees Say: “There are so many smart people who work here. Every day I’m impressed by someone on my team or by someone I work with cross-functionally. I’ve already learned so much during my time here and know I will continue to do so. It is a very inspiring place to work – everyone internally is dedicated to our mission and having a positive impact on the world and it shows in the quality of their work.” Current Marketing Manager

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9. Grammarly

Why They’re Innovative: Grammarly is at the forefront of personal writing assistance, using a combination of natural language processing and advanced machine learning technologies to deliver writing feedback to millions of people every day. Their popular browser plugin is available on all major browsers, and has been downloaded over 10 million times on Chrome alone. One of their latest offerings is Grammarly Keyboard, an app that brings effective and mistake-free writing to mobile devices — a must-download given that people make five times as many mistakes on mobile as they do on a PC.

Open Roles: Lead Technical Recruiter, Senior Software Engineer – iOS, Senior Software Engineer – Android, Software Engineer – Front-End (Browser Extensions), Senior Support Representative – Social, Product Manager & more.

What Employees Say: “Team invests heavily in employees, gives them any/all resources needed to be successful. Extremely high potential for growth. Thoughtful interview process which ensures that the team is bringing people into roles which will help them grow and challenge them. Smart team that is dedicated to the mission and product.” Current Employee

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Peloton NCEO CulturePhoto2

10. Peloton

Why They’re Innovative: By bringing the boutique spinning studio experience directly into people’s homes, Peloton’s product puts a new twist on at-home fitness. Users can take live classes right from their living rooms, making a once-insidery exercise experience accessible to the masses.

Open Roles: Product Manager, Sales Specialist, Showroom Manager, Workplace Operations Director, Hardware System Validation Lead, Production Coordinator, & more.

What Employees Say: “I have tremendous respect for the employees at this company. My time at Peloton was full of growth, learning and adjusting. It takes a very capable team to handle everything that came our way. You will be inspired by the leadership AND the employees at this company.” Former Employee

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11. Hopper

Why They’re Innovative: Hopper uses a data-first approach to help customers buy their flights at the right time, for the right price.

Open Roles: Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Operations Assistant, Travel Support Agent, HR Coordinator, Ticketing Agent, Senior Editor/Data Journalist, & more.

What Employees Say: “Hopper is the type of place where everyone is incredibly intelligent, and works incredibly hard, without exception. Coming to work everyday with people who are as dedicated as possible means that things get done. You know that with every project people have your back and will support you to get it done.” Current Employee

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12. One Medical

Why They’re Innovative: One Medical is tech-centered primary care that is available 24/7. Patients can communicate with doctors 24/7 by email or with the company’s app, which features chat and video functionality. The app also lets users send photos to their doctor; renew prescriptions; and book their next visit.

Open Roles: Phlebotomist, Helpdesk Analyst, Nurse Practitioner, Staff Software Engineer, Physician Assistant, Osteopathic Manipulation Medicine Physician, Strategy Manager, Virtual Nurse Practitioner & more

What Employees Say: “The people at One Medical are the kindest, hardest working bunch on the face of the planet. The team takes the culture seriously and works very hard to deliver on our value proposition for patients. The company is incredibly nimble and ever-evolving the way we work. If you want to be at the cutting edge of care delivery, this is where you come to do it.” Current Employee

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13. Glassdoor

Why They’re Innovative: As one of the fastest-growing jobs and recruiting sites, Glassdoor is working to change that way the world finds jobs. The mission to help people everywhere find a job and company they love energizes the nearly 800 employees across the globe.

Open Roles: Sales Development Representative, Manager of Business Operations, Senior UX Designer, Senior Database Administrator, Lead Data Scientist, SEO Strategist, Senior Front-End Engineer, Senior Java Software Engineer, Sales Manager & more.

What Employees Say: “Awesome leadership, free lunch, healthy snacks, mostly genuinely motivated/hardworking teams. Great perks, off-site events, and work that really feels like it matters.” Current Employee

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14. TransUnion

Why They’re Innovative: TransUnion is dedicated to finding innovative ways information can be used to help individuals make better and smarter decisions. They help uncover unique stories, trends and insights behind each data point, using historical information as well as alternative data sources. This allows a variety of markets and businesses to better manage risk and consumers to better manage their credit, personal information and identity.

Open Roles: Senior Product Manager, Data Analytics Manager, Business Analyst, Consultant, .Net Developer, Competitive Intelligence Consultant, Marking & Web Analytics Consultant & more.

What Employees Say: “Great benefits, solid management, very ethical approach to business, people matter at this company.”Current Employee

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15. Citrix

Why They’re Innovative: Citrix creates technology that makes the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access, empowering people to work anywhere and at any time.

Open Roles: Brand Integration and Communications Lead, DataCenter Operations Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Communications Writer, Influencer Relations Manager, Product Manager, Senior Director of Product Designer, Product Manager & more.

What Employees Say: “Good technology growth opportunities, good work life balance, Good employee benefits.”  Current Employee

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16. ReviewTrackers

Why They’re Innovative: ReviewTrackers’ review monitoring software is used by companies to better understand how consumers view their products and services. Along with monitoring reviews, they also provide tools to help companies increase the amount of customer feedback they receive.

Open Roles: Partnerships Sales, Account Executive, Solution Consultant, Senior Software Engineer, Director of Marketing, Senior Product Manager, Data Support Engineer, Sales Development Representative, Director of Marketing & more.

What Employees Say: “Micromanagement of the engineering team is nonexistent. We’ve got tons of flexibility with the tools and methods that we use to implement features and solve problems. Management listens to issues that we have & empower us to make meaningful changes in our benefits and work/life balance.” Current Employee

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17. Northrop Grumman

Why They’re Innovative: High-powered space telescopes. Cutting-edge threat detection systems. Robots capable of dismantling IEDs. These aren’t just topics ripped from the headlines of Popular Mechanics. At Northrop Grumman, products like these are their bread and butter — and their employees get to work on them every day.

Open Roles: Engineer Systems, Mechanical Engineer, Aerothermal Engineer, Business Management Analyst, Janitor, Quality Manager, Manager of Publications, Engineering Project Manager, Machinist, Manager of Supply Chain Programs & more.

What Employees Say: “Many, diverse opportunities and training. A place where you could work for your entire career.” Former Employee

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18. Boston Scientific

Why They’re Innovative: As a leader in medical science, Boston Scientific committed to solving the challenges that matter most – transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world. If you’re a natural problem-solver with the imagination, courage and spirit to make a meaningful difference, there’s no better place to build your career.

Open Roles: Quality Director, Inside Sales Representative, Capital Equipment Technician, Watchman Therapy Awareness Representative, R&D Technician, Field Sales Associate, Global Service Product Manager, Regulatory Affairs Specialist & more.

What Employees Say: “Excellent mission. Thoughtful orientation and onboarding process. Always thinking about improving the quality of life and saving lives of patients. Good Work/life balance. You can get involved in as much or as little extra projects for your development as you want.” Current Employee

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19. Netflix

Why They’re Innovative: It’s no secret that when it comes to video content across devices, Netflix is pretty much king. The company has gone global and is creating original series and movies for the worldwide market, meaning there are more opportunities there than ever.

Open Roles: Senior Marketing Manager, Publicity Manager, Senior Data Analyst, Staff Accountant, Production Assistant, Senior Full Stack Engineer, & more.

What Employees Say: “This is the most interesting and engaging job I’ve ever had. Amazing benefits with great leadership and a feedback driven culture. Every day is a new challenge.” Current Technical Support Representative

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