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6 Tips For Acing A Phone Interview

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

September 12, 2011

Phone interviews aren’t like talking to a good friend (though, wouldn't that be nice!).

The conversation can be awkward unless you’ve planned accordingly, so try practicing with a friend over the phone. For a phone interview, you’ll want to demonstrate your ability to interact well over the phone without body language or other social cues to go by.

Here are 6 tips for acing your phone interview.

Pick a quiet spot to have the interview, and remove any distractions. Turn off your computer, put away random objects on your desk, etc. The less stuff you have around you to draw your focus, the more focused you’ll be on the interviewer and crafting eloquent responses.


Surround yourself with the necessities. The only things you need are a copy of your resume, a list of talking points and answers to common interview questions, a list of important info about the company and your interviewer, and a phone.

Smile and use your voice to convey enthusiasm. Think about popular radio personalities, especially the morning show ones. Their voices convey every mood they are feeling, from excitement to anger to happiness to sleepiness. Some people need to stand up and pace, others use their hands, but whatever you need to do, make your personality shine through the phone. Smiling is an easy trick because it instantly conveys positivity over the phone.

Don’t be afraid of pauses or short silences, and speak slowly. Most people become fast talkers when they’re nervous, so it’s important to pace yourself, breath, and go slowly. You’ve probably heard this tip for public speaking: Speak much more slowly than you normally would. It may sound too slow to you, but because you’re anxiety is speeding you up, it’s probably going to come out sounding normal on the other end.

Try to relax. The more relaxed you are, the better the interview will go! Be conversational, ask the interviewer if you’ve answered their question, and be prepared to ask them questions as well.

Ask them about the next steps. At the end of the phone interview, you might be so excited to get off the phone that you forget to figure out what happens next. Ask the interviewer what their next steps are, and when you might hear from them. And, don’t forget to ask if there’s anything else you can send them. - Originally posted on FlexJobs by Brie Reynolds