7 Questions To Ask The Hiring Manager During An Interview

On the next interview you go on, I recommend that you take some control.

Don’t let the hiring manager ask all the questions; ask your own!

A good hiring manager will welcome your curiosity.

Here are some examples of useful questions to ask the interviewer:

1) Would you please describe purpose/mission statement & set of values?

2) What are the company’s greatest challenges (or priorities) your company faces right now?

3) Who would I report to and how does our team fit within the rest of the company structure?

3) Who are the shareholders/owners of the company?

4) What is the path to earning more responsibilities?

5) How are priorities set?

6) How does feedback work…how often will I receive feedback on performance?

7) How does compensation work? Is salary the only component, or are their equity or bonus/commission programs? What opportunities are there for me to grow your compensation?

When searching for a good job, it’s even more important to get your questions answered than just answer the employer’s questions.