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Mastering These 3 Skills Can Earn You $110k a Year

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With a median base salary of $110,000, a job satisfaction score of 4.4 out of 5, and more than 4,100 job openings, it’s no wonder that Data Scientist earned the number one spot on the Best Jobs in America list for 2017 (and 2016, as well!). Add to that the fact that hot employers like Disney, Amazon, The Washington Post and Hulu are hiring for the position, and you might just be wondering how you can score a job as a Data Scientist yourself.

One of the first steps is mastering the skills necessary for the job. To determine what exactly those are, the Glassdoor Economic Research team recently crawled thousands of Data Scientist job listings — here were the top ten that they came across.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to master all ten of these skills in order to find a job as a Data Scientist — in fact, “mastering just three core skills — Python, R, and SQL — can provide a solid foundation for seven out of 10 job openings today in data science,” said Pablo Ruiz Junco, Glassdoor Economic Research Fellow.

It’s important to note, however, that the title “Data Scientist” doesn’t just refer to one type of job. Glassdoor research found that Data Scientists tend to fall in one of three buckets based off of their skill sets.

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Each of these have their own specialties and corresponding salaries. Core Data Scientists tend to have the three most common skills, while Researchers use skills commonly found in think tanks, consulting firms and academic research. Being a Big Data Specialist, on the other hand, “requires more specialized skills used for big data analysis like Spark, Hive, and Hadoop” — and as a result, they are also paid the most of the three groups, Ruiz Junco says.

Whether you decide to take online courses, go back to school or just learn from on-the-job training, this analysis can help you figure out where you should concentrate your efforts — so if you’re ready for a high-paying, highly in-demand and highly satisfying position as a Data Scientist, get to work!

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Available Data Scientist Jobs

Data Scientist
Chantilly, VA
23 hours ago 23h
Scientist I/II, MSAT
BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Novato, CA
4 days ago 4d
24 hours ago 24h
Data Science Team - Data Analyst I
CNA Corporation
Arlington, VA
23 hours ago 23h
Waltham, MA
23 hours ago 23h
Data Scientist
Affinity Solutions
New York, NY
2 day ago 2d
Data Scientist
A Place for Mom
Overland Park, KS
5 days ago 5d
Research Scientist
Nu Skin
Vineyard, UT
23 hours ago 23h
Senior Data Scientist
Denver, CO
4 days ago 4d
Data Scientist
Miami, FL
6 days ago 6d