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DocuSign Doubles Down on Benefits, Culture & Professional Development

Posted by Amy Elisa Jackson

December 10, 2019

If you think that a five-time winner of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work award simply rests on their laurels and waits for resumes to flood in — think again. DocuSign has won the Employees’ Choice Award consistently over the past decade, and shows no signs of easing up on investing in making the company the best place to come to work for its nearly 4000 employees.

“We want every employee to feel they did the best work of their lives at DocuSign,” says CEO Dan Springer. “At DocuSign we want to simplify and accelerate the way organizations and individuals come to agreement. We want to make companies easier to do business with, easier to do business for, and easier on the environment. And we want people to feel a deep pride in the work they do as a result.”

For the San Francisco-based company, consistently investing in their mission and in innovating in the ‘agreement cloud’ sector are rooted in empowering employees. Glassdoor reviews of DocuSign reveal that career pathways with training opportunities along with amazing culture that trickles down from the executives led to the company earning a 4.6 company rating for Best Places to Work. And if these elements sound attractive to you as a job seeker, Springer is eager to share more about why you should apply to one of their open roles in 2020.

DocuSign CEO Dan Springer Here’s what DocuSign’s CEO had to say about their big win and what the company uniquely offers. Career-minded job seekers, get your resume ready. After reading Springer’s insights, we know you’ll want to apply.

Glassdoor: Congratulations on your fifth win for being a Best Place to Work! What have you done this year to continue to be a culture-first company?

Dan Springer: The first area I’d highlight is our work to create a mission that truly resonates with people. At DocuSign, we want to simplify and accelerate the way organizations and individuals come to agreement. We want to make companies easier to do business with, easier to do business for, and easier on the environment. And we want people to feel a deep pride in the work they do as a result.

The second is our committed to sustainability, the environment, and to giving back. A few years ago, we founded DocuSign IMPACT, our corporate social responsibility initiative, and we took the 1% pledge. This year, we launched DocuSign for Forests at Davos, we donated $1M to the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation, and we donated $1M to The Wilderness Society to help protect the world’s forests.

The third area is what we like to call “DocuLove”. We help people to complete some of the most important agreements in their lives—and as a result, when I tell people I work here, I often get “really? I love DocuSign!” as a response (followed by a recap of the story of how we helped them). That doesn’t just happen to me—almost every one of our more than 3700 employees could give you a DocuLove story. And that’s one of the great things about working here, it is really special.


Glassdoor: Job seekers see Best Places to Work as a perfect spot to kick-start their job hunt. What are some benefits or offerings that make DocuSign worthy of top talent?

Dan Springer: We have expanded our employee benefits over the past few years based on direct employee feedback—adding a 401(k) match, an ESPP, a wellness subsidy, additional paid parental leave, an educational reimbursement each year, commuter benefits, paid volunteer time off, and more. Highlights include:

  • Parental leave: An inclusive policy to accommodate employees welcoming a new child through birth, surrogacy, or adoption that offers up to six months paid parental leave for primary caregivers and two months paid leave for secondary caregivers
  • Milk Stork: More recently we introduced a global benefit for working moms called Milk Stork – a service that allows working moms the ability to preserve their breast milk and get it home to their babies, fast, when traveling
  • Educational Assistance: Each year, employees around the world can apply for up to $5,000 USD (or local currency equivalent) in reimbursements for external education courses and certifications

Glassdoor: At the recent Glassdoor Recruit, Nicole Jagoe shared that DocuSign is growing fast and investing in both learning and development as well as diversity. As CEO, how do you view these investments?

Dan Springer: We want every employee to feel they did the best work of their lives at DocuSign. To do that, we need to create a culture of diversity and inclusion—one where employees can bring their authentic selves to work. After all, you can’t do the work of your life if you don’t feel a sense of belonging.

Over the past two years, we’ve expanded the race and gender diversity of the Board of Directors and our extended leadership team. We’ve made a concerted effort to raise the awareness of bias (and the importance of diversity) within our employee base, which in turn helps attract more diverse candidates. We’ve also driven a deep review of our job descriptions and retooled them so that the language helps us build a more diverse talent pipeline. Like the rest of Tech, we have a long way to go, but we are firmly started down the path on this journey.

We also believe in equality and responsibility—so ensuring equal pay and opportunity. And we want employees to build their skills—whether that’s through opportunities on-the-job, mentoring programs, skills-based training or the annual $5,000 educational assistance allowance.


Glassdoor: Why is 2020 the perfect time to join DocuSign?

Dan Springer: It’s an incredibly exciting time to be here. After pioneering and leading the e-signature category—and after going public about 18 months ago—we’re now on the mission I mentioned earlier. As part of that, we’re working to create the next new category of cloud computing—that of ‘agreement clouds.’ And it’s not often that you get to take on a challenge like that.

We also hear from our teams on why they love working at DocuSign:

  • We’re large enough to offer quality benefits and career stability, but still small enough to be nimble, and where people can see their direct impact on our results.
  • We strive for a flat organization—so, our executives are involved in guiding, reviewing and mentoring teams and individuals.
  • Our product development teams are working on simple answers to super-complex challenges, and they see their code ship as part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud suite. They also see their product being used by more than 560,000 customers, and hundreds of millions of people around the world.
  • Our customer-facing teams are helping their accounts change business processes, accelerate sales, decreases costs and bring people to agreement more efficiently. The accolades we receive every day from customers are gratifying. Add in the fact that we’re helping protect the world’s forests at the same time is a real benefit.

In sum, we have a saying here that we never want to become a big company, we want to stay a small company that just happens to have thousands of employees!

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