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Glassdoor Unveils A New Look & Feel


Modern. Engaging. Refreshed. Today, Glassdoor unveiled a new logo and branding.

Now visitors to Glassdoor around the world, on desktop and mobile, will see a dynamic presence, improved site functionality and will still have access to millions of jobs. “With our refreshed brand, we aim to better connect with our audience so that in turn people can better connect to a job that fits their life,” said Moody Glasgow, Glassdoor chief marketing officer. “To us, this isn’t just a new logo or an updated color – this new design is part of our promise to create an engaging and valuable experience for all those we aim to help.“

Developed by the company’s internal creative and design team, in conjunction with creative studio Nelson Cash, this process was a chance to shape the way the world views the job search. The refresh touched every aspect of the business so that job seekers and employers, as well as our own employees and job candidates, understand what Glassdoor is uniquely positioned to achieve: To help people everywhere find a job and company they love as well as help companies more effectively recruit informed candidates.

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Part of our goal was to enhance the logo, a modern take on the company’s original open door frame, intended to evoke “looking inside” a company, and the new design also easily “frames” text or images.

“Our logo is an extension of the door concept that we have had since the beginning of the company, but pushes it into a new direction.  This new direction creates a sense of symmetry, infinity and possibility,” says Glasgow.

While the look of Glassdoor may be refreshed, the jobs, salary information, company reviews, and interview questions for approximately 700,000 companies that 41 million people¹ have come to rely on will remain transparent and trusted. In the nearly 9 years Glassdoor has been around, this is our most comprehensive brand refresh.

As part of the brand refresh — which was a nearly year-long undertaking — we’ve updated our green to reflect a more modern and contemporary shade. In addition to our new green throughout Glassdoor, you’ll notice that it is supported by a complementary palette with blue, orange and neutral colors, such as light gray and black.

“For many, searching for a job can be an overwhelming experience,” says Alison Hadden, Senior Director of Brand Strategy and Product Marketing. “As we move into the future, Glassdoor has a unique opportunity in this space to be seen as a brand that’s like a helpful friend that shepherds people through that process — to be informative and approachable, authentic and trusted, friendly and relatable.”

In tandem with design, Glassdoor’s product and engineering teams brought the vision to life. Looking back, Glassdoor’s Chief Product Officer Heather Friedland said, “We A/B tested a series of design choices around how we employed color over the last few months, and partnered closely between design, product and analytics to best understand the right paths forward – using both a qualitative and quantitative lens on the design decisions we made leading us to a more complete and validated set of design system recommendations.”

We believe our core community – job seekers, employees and employers around the world – will enjoy and benefit from Glassdoor’s new look and feel. Already, among those who got a sneak peek, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

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¹More than 41 million unique users visit Glassdoor’s mobile applications and website monthly. Google Analytics, CQ1’17 average.