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5 Ways Glassdoor Gives You the Upper Hand in Your Job Search

Do you ever feel like you’re walking into interviews without knowing as much as you’d like to about your prospective employer?

It’s not a great feeling. You know yourself, and you know the caliber of work you’re capable of, but when you step into the office, you often only know what was included in the job description. In every other way — from what questions you’ll be asked to what kind of offer you can expect — you’re in the dark.

Here at Glassdoor, we don’t think that’s the best way to execute a job search. The more informed you are, the better you can prepare, and the better you can prepare, the better you’ll perform — so why not use every tool at your disposal?

If you’re still on the hunt for a job you’ll love, make sure to take advantage of these five tools and offerings on Glassdoor.

1. Discover All the Jobs With Valuable Insights

You might already know that Glassdoor is the second largest job site in the United States.¹ But it may surprise you to learn just how many people are leveraging Glassdoor. In this case,  nearly 50 million unique users visit the site monthly,² contributing to the nearly 38 million reviews and insights available for more than 740,000 companies³

With numbers like that, Glassdoor has all of the data and resources necessary to act as a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know related to your job hunt, from company ratings and reviews to interviews, salary information and, of course, the actual job listings themselves.

2. Get the Inside Scoop With Reviews and Ratings

What if you could walk into an interview with a ton of background information on a company, and a good sense of what kind of culture they have? That’s exactly the kind of information you can glean from Glassdoor company reviews, where current and former employees provide a list of pros, cons and comments about their companies.

Start with the overall five-point company rating to get a sense of how well the company treats its employees (and don’t forget you can filter this data by full-time or part-time employee status). Then take a look at the aggregated pros and cons list to see the most frequently reported positives and negatives.

3. Find Out Which Interview Questions You Can Expect

You can Google “Top Interview Questions” until your eyes cross, but you can’t figure out which interview questions your prospective employer will actually ask at your next interview… Unless you use Glassdoor’s interview reviews feature, of course.

This feature not only lets you look up which questions companies are likely to ask throughout the interview process (often sorted by role) but it can show you a breakdown of how other candidates have gotten an interview (applied online, campus recruiting, recruiter, etc.) and how difficult the interview process was on a scale of one to five.

4. Have an Informed Compensation Conversation

The first step in deciding whether or not to pursue an open position — and eventually whether or not to accept a job offer — is knowing the value of the skills you bring to the table. After all, if you don’t have a decent grasp of your value before you get the offer, how will you know you’re getting the most competitive compensation?

Enter: Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth™ tool, which gives you a personalized salary estimate based on today’s job market. Using this tool, you can get a customized estimation of your market value based on salaries submitted in your area for similar job titles, companies, years of experience and more, making it an excellent resource to have in your back pocket as you review salary ranges and job offers.

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5. Negotiate More Effectively

Knowing your worth can help you have an informed compensation conversation, but it’s only half of the equation — when you combine that information with what your prospective employer tends to pay for a given role, you’re able to negotiate as effectively as possible.

With Glassdoor’s salaries and compensation search feature, you can search for average base salaries by company, location and job title to get a sense of what you can expect from a job offer. And if you find that your offer is way off base, you can use this information as a jumping off point to discuss what you can expect in terms of raises, bonuses and future salary bands.

With all of these useful tools at your fingertips, there’s no excuse for walking into your next job interview uninformed. Use one or all of these tools to find, apply for and land your dream job today!

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3. Glassdoor Internal Data, December 2017

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