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25 General Resume Objective Examples

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Last Updated August 2, 2021

Guide Overview

What is a resume objective?When to use an objective vs. a summary25 general resume objective examples

Guide Overview

Using general resume objective examples

When applying to jobs, it's important to tailor your resume to a particular position. This way, you can show employers that you have the qualifications and skills to be a top candidate. One way candidates do this is by including a resume objective that briefly explains their short-term professional goals and intentions for applying to their job posting. Here we share 25 general resume objective examples you can use as inspiration.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is a brief explanation of your immediate professional goals and intentions for applying to a job. It usually consists of one to two sentences and goals at the very top of your resume. The purpose of an objective is to capture a hiring manager’s interest by showing that you are the top candidate for this role. By having a few well-written sentences in your objective, your resume can stand out.

When to use an objective vs. a summary

There are different situations to use an objective versus a summary in your resume. While an objective explains your goals and intentions for seeking employment, a summary dives deeper into your qualifications and skills pertaining to a specific position. Like an objective, a resume summary is only one to two sentences long. The key difference is that you use it to share your experiences and strengths.

Although you could include both on your resume, sometimes it’s better to simply include one or the other in order to keep your resume looking clean and polished. Objectives tend to be ideal for those with limited work experiences, such as recent high school or college graduates. If you have a pretty accomplished career under your belt and want to highlight the value you can add to a company, use a summary.

25 general resume objective examples

Use these general resume objective examples as a starting point when writing your own:

Entry-level candidate with little experience

  • Recent marketing graduate with a passion for copywriting and making impactful campaigns. Seeking an opportunity to put my creative writing and grammar skills to work.
  • Highly motivated high school graduate hoping to enter the world of women’s retail. Looking for an opportunity to showcase my customer support skills and help women make more informed buying decisions.
  • High school valedictorian looking for the opportunity to showcase his aptitude for science, math, and engineering through an internship during his first year of college.
  • Aspiring programmer looking to prove her coding and software design skills through an entry-level position that can offer her career growth support. Eager and motivated to apply her expertise in Python.
  • Hoping to find an entry-level position that allows me to showcase my graphic design skills. Motivated to provide clients with innovative deliverables, such as logos, magazine layouts, and brochures.
  • Seeking an entry-level research position that requires a background in molecular biology. Proven history of impressive research findings and thorough lab reports.
  • High school graduate seeking employment in the fast-food industry. Hoping to develop customer service and communication skills.
  • Recent MBA graduate looking for a position that can leverage my aptitude for identifying market trends and creating campaigns that reach target audiences. Looking for a role that can offer me hands-on training while I get acclimated to a leadership position.
  • Actively searching for the chance to apply my customer support skills through an entry-level retail position. Open to starting as a sales associate and working my way up to a management position.
  • Emerging artist looking for a chance to present her first gallery show of photography works with an emphasis on portraits.

Looking to move locations

  • I am a seasoned accountant hoping to move to New York City this September. My goal is to apply my strong financial skills to a more fast-paced, rewarding environment.
  • Kitchen manager looking for an opportunity to take part in creating the finest Southwestern cuisine. I am open to relocating to New Mexico, Texas, or Arizona.
  • Communications professor seeking an opportunity to inspire young minds and help shape our future workforce into effective communicators. Hoping for an opportunity to teach and conduct research on the East Coast.
  • Senior executive looking to take my expertise in finance and business operations globally. Searching for a position within the European market.
  • World-traveler hoping to apply her writing skills in a meaningful way. Eager to work for an international publication that requires frequent travel for stories.
  • Traveling German college student hoping to refine his English-speaking skills through an au pair position. Has a passion for teaching young children the German language and providing excellent child care.
  • Relocating special needs teacher hoping to find a position within the Glendale area. I am well-versed in the latest IEP practices and hope to make a meaningful impact on all of my students’ lives.
  • Highly motivated secretary looking for the opportunity to move to Austin, Texas. Eager to show my people skills along with my aptitude for clerical work.

Looking for career advancement or change

  • Junior-level project manager seeking an opportunity to move up to a senior-level position. Highly motivated to prove that I have the experience and skills to manage my own accounts.
  • I am an organized and diligent paralegal with two years of experience. I am looking for a position where I can work with clients in underrepresented populations.
  • Successful marketing manager looking to break into the technology sector. Hoping to use my decade of relevant experience to market more technical avenues.
  • Experienced dog handler looking for a management position at a dog daycare facility. Aspiring to work with customers while also helping manage the yards.
  • Accomplished sales representative seeking a leadership position where I can showcase my communication and collaboration skills.
  • Lead researcher hoping to transition to a nonprofit position where I can help the polar bear population thrive despite barriers due to climate change.
  • Award-winning sushi chef seeking the chance to lead her own kitchen. Excited to show my background in traditional sushi making as well as kitchen management.

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