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Performance Review Phrases for Your Next Review

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Last Updated June 29, 2021

Guide Overview

What is a performance review?Performance review phrases to use in your next review

Guide Overview

Performance review phrases in the workplace

Performance reviews are often a staple in organizations and give both managers and employees the opportunity to discuss expectations, current performance, and any areas that need improvement. They also provide the chance for managers to give employees valuable feedback on their abilities and skills and help employees set appropriate goals for the next month, quarter, or year. Here we explore what a performance review is and several performance review phrases you can use during your next evaluation.

What is a performance review?

A performance review, or a performance evaluation or employee appraisal, is a type of meeting in which a manager meets with an employee to review their performance over a set period of time. Performance reviews may happen monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the position and the preference of the organization. During the review, your supervisor will discuss the various strengths and weaknesses of your performance and will likely make suggestions as to how you can improve. They should also provide you with insight as to your results up to the time of the review.

Reviews with your manager offer the opportunity to receive both positive and constructive feedback that can help you be more productive and effective in your position at work. It will also give you and your manager the chance to formulate specific goals for your position and talk about how you can advance in the organization.

Benefits of performance reviews include:

  • An opportunity to let your manager know of any areas where you may be struggling
  • The chance to get clear feedback on your current performance and expectations
  • The ability to help you identify weaknesses and strengths that may need to be addressed
  • The chance to set clear goals with managerial input
  • A discussion of raises and/or promotions

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Performance review phrases to use in your next review

The following are several performance review phrases you can use to describe your recent performance during your next employee evaluation:

  • I have achieved exceptional growth in terms of organic traffic to the company’s website within the last three months.
  • I have exceeded the initial target of inbound customer calls by increasing the quality and placement of calls-to-action on the company’s website.
  • I maintain open and effective communication with colleagues and clients.
  • I regularly identify strengths in teammates and encourage and motivate them to do their best.
  • I have completed all tasks on time and in a successful manner over the last quarter.
  • I created a successful sales promotion tactic that increased sales inquiries by 30% over the last three months.
  • I outlined and implemented a successful branding strategy that increased overall brand awareness for the organization by 45%.
  • I regularly suggest new concepts and ideas in team meetings.
  • I regularly take responsibility for all tasks and am honest when deadlines will not be met or when a task requires additional resources or help.
  • I maintained excellent attendance and only took one personal day over the last three months.
  • I start each day with a prepared and refreshed attitude that ensures my ability to meet any challenges.
  • I improved production in the design department by 35% by implementing a new strategy.
  • I am always open to collaborate with others and contribute to the organization as a team effort.
  • I promote the cooperation of team members to ensure we all work as a team to meet expectations and deadlines.
  • I am always willing to accept coaching and feedback from colleagues and managers.
  • I have asked for training or further explanation when a process wasn’t clear.
  • I work to develop positive working relationships with stakeholders, clients, and team members.
  • I regularly use logical thinking skills to solve complex problems.
  • I handled 80% of customer request volume, which exceeded the standard expectations for the last quarter.
  • I regularly monitor the accuracy of database information and reporting.
  • I am always willing to offer guidance to colleagues who approach me with questions or issues.
  • I am never afraid to make suggestions when a certain process isn’t working.
  • I welcome changes in the workplace and am always willing to help implement them with colleagues.
  • I maintain a positive attitude while at work and keep my emotions in check.
  • I require little to no supervision to accomplish tasks or projects with accuracy and efficiency.
  • I am committed to expanding my knowledge in my field and in this industry and always willing to participate in industry events or trainings to learn more.
  • I always give credit to colleagues and team members when appropriate.
  • I am never afraid to ask for help when necessary to make sure a project or task is completed on time.
  • I regularly participate in responsible practices to ensure operations decisions are made to the best of my ability.
  • I am highly skilled at planning and scheduling to ensure I am able to accomplish my workload.
  • I maintain good self discipline and always adheres to the company’s policies and procedures.
  • I regularly seek out innovative approaches and solutions to bring new light to a situation or way of doing things.
  • I am always willing to explain policies and procedures to others and demonstrate how to properly follow and maintain them.
  • Leads by example.
  • I offer strong and effective constructive criticism to subordinates.
  • I participate in all team meetings as an active member and contribute whenever possible to improve outcomes.
  • I am always willing to build new relationships to ensure the job is done right and that all parties are satisfied with the end result.
  • I regularly work to promote a team-centered environment to keep my team on track and motivated.
  • I regularly offer assistance to anyone who needs it without complaint.
  • I show consideration and sensitivity for colleague’s feelings and practice strong empathy skills.
  • I incorporate effective time management tactics into my day to ensure all projects and tasks are complete in a timely and successful manner.
  • I am committed to detail orientation and always double- or triple-checks work before submitting.
  • I ensure all of my work is accurate and clear before submitting to a client.

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