Want to Get Hired as an Intern? Try These Cities

While Glassdoor has identified the 25 Highest Rated Companies for Internships in 2015, college students may be wondering which cities offer the best opportunities to actually get hired as an intern. Based on the top 20 U.S. cities by population, Glassdoor is also revealing which cities have the most open internships and where your best chances are of getting your foot in the door.

According to Glassdoor jobs data, New York City has the most open internships with 2,500 available. The San Francisco Bay Area follows closely with 1,500 open internships (and is the city with the most companies on our Highest Rated Companies for Internships in 2015 report) and Los Angeles, with 1,400 open internships, rounds out the top three cities.

See where else across the U.S. you can get hired:

Glassdoor Open Internships U.S. (2)

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