INTERACTIVE: How 50 Cities Compare for Jobs

Cost of living, hiring opportunity and job satisfaction. If you had to pick, what matters most to you when it comes to finding a job?

Glassdoor has just released its newest report on the 25 Best Cities for Jobs, ranking metros based on their Glassdoor Job Score*, which weighs these three factors equally. While this report offers insight into which cities are best for jobs overall, we’re also providing additional perspective into how the 50 most populated U.S. cities compare for what matters most to you.

For instance, do you value job satisfaction more than hiring opportunity? If so, perhaps you should search for jobs in Salt Lake City, UT, which ranks #4 for job satisfaction, but ranks #10 for hiring opportunity. Or, does cost of living matter most to you? If this is the case, you may want to take your job search to Memphis, TN, which ranks #2 for cost of living, though there could be some tradeoffs, as Memphis also ranks #35 for hiring opportunity and #26 for job satisfaction.

Check out how America’s 50 most populated metros compare overall for jobs, and even more specifically, by hiring opportunity, job satisfaction and cost of living.

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*Methodology: Glassdoor’s Best Cities for Jobs report identifies U.S. metros with the highest overall Glassdoor Job Score, based on a comparison of the 50 most populated U.S. metros. Each region’s Glassdoor Job Score, based on a 5-point scale (5.0=best city for a job, 1.0=worst city for a job), is determined by weighting three factors equally: hiring opportunity, cost of living and job satisfaction.

  • Hiring opportunity is determined by the ratio of active job openings to population. (Job openings per metro represent active job listings on Glassdoor as of 4/30/15. Population data is according to the U.S. Office of Management & Budget).
  • Cost of living is determined by the ratio of median annual base salary to median metro home value. (Median annual base salary per metro based on at least 1,100 salary reports shared by local employees on Glassdoor over the past year (4/28/14-4/27/15). Median home value is according to the Zillow Home Value Index for All Homes, as of March 2015).
  • Job satisfaction ratings per metro is based on at least 1,000 company reviews shared by local employees on Glassdoor over the past year (4/28/14-4/27/15; Ratings based on a 5-point scale: 5.0=very satisfied, 1.0=very dissatisfied).