Interviewing? 5 Tips To Get To Know Your Future Manager

Whether you’re searching for a job or hoping for a promotion within your company, you’re probably curious what it’ll be like to work with your future manager.

If you’re like most people, you probably hope your future manager will be supportive of your goals and professional development. Research by Zenger/Folkman found the most important quality an effective manager should have is the ability to motivate and inspire others.

Finding the perfect manager is tough, but if you pinpoint the qualities you desire in a manager, your search will be much easier. Here are five things to pay attention to when getting to know your future manager:

1. Read the manager’s LinkedIn recommendations.

If you’ve connected with the manager on LinkedIn, spend some time researching their recommendations. As you scan through their recommendations, pay attention to whether current or former employees provided any.

Take note of the personality traits people have identified with the manager. For example, do people say the manager is bubbly and fun to work with? Or do they say the manager is results-driven and a team player? These attributes can offer insight into what the manager’s personality is like.

2. Ask why they love their job.

When you ask someone why they love their job, it gives them the opportunity to talk about their passions and goals. If you ask the manager this question and they offer a glowing response, it’s very likely this manager genuinely enjoys what they do.

As the manager talks about why they love their job, pick up on the key details of what they like most. For example, does the manager explain why she loves team meetings or does she focus more on creative projects? These qualities can give you a better idea of the manager’s personality and leadership style.

3. Uncover their workflow.

Every manager is unique when it comes to getting projects completed. Ask the manager questions about their typical day in the office and how they like to interact with employees.

For instance, say you’ve applied for a graphic design position with an advertising agency. Ask the manager to explain his system for approving final projects. The manager might explain how he uses a project management system called Brightpod to manage his projects and communicate with employees. You can infer from this answer that the manager is very organized and ensures deadlines are met.

4. Find out their method of giving feedback.

Feedback is crucial for workplace success, and each manager offers feedback in their own way. For example, some managers believe in only offering feedback when necessary, whereas other managers provide ongoing feedback on projects and assignments.

Simply ask the manager during the interview how they give feedback to employees. Depending on their answer, you’ll be able to determine whether their management style fits the way you work. You can also ask how the manager provides critical feedback and addresses areas for improvement.

5. Ask about their greatest accomplishments with the company.

This question is a great way to find out how a manager prioritizes their projects and what they care about most in the workplace.

For example, if the manager talks about how his team was able to launch a viral social media campaign, you’ll can assume that the manager cares about the overall success of his employees. On the other hand, if the manager talks about numbers and data, you could assume that he’s a results-driven manager.

Just because you’re being interviewed for a job doesn’t mean you can’t interview your future manager. The more you can learn more about your future manager will help you determine whether the job is a good fit for you. By bringing up some of these topics during a job interview, you’ll discover what you really want to know about your future manager.

What are some ways you were able to uncover information about a manager during a job interview?