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Glassdoor Debuts Job Explorer, New Interactive Job Search Mapping Tool

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated Jan 9, 2017
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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are nearly 10 million unemployed Americans yet there are nearly 5 million job openings in the U.S.  To help bridge the gap between those looking for work and those with jobs available, Glassdoor, the leading jobs and career community, today unveiled Job Explorer, a free interactive job search mapping tool.


There are two key features that make up Glassdoor Job Explorer: a Job Map and Opportunity Scale, and a Career Progression tool.

Job Map & Opportunity Scale

The Glassdoor job map allows American job seekers to pinpoint the best job opportunities by city, county and state. The level of job opportunity is determined based on number of job listings and other key factors like unemployment rate and population in each area. In other words, it helps people identify where they have the best odds of finding a job.  As the example shown below illustrates, the darker the highlighted region on the map, the greater the opportunity to find work.

Map - Job Title Search

For dual-income households, Job Explorer also allows job seekers to determine the best location for the couple, based on two job searches at the same time. Using the example below, you can see that nurse jobs are more widely available in the blue regions, teacher jobs are more widely available in the yellow regions, and both jobs are more available in the green regions.

Map - Partner Search

Career Progression Tool

The second key feature of Glassdoor Job Explorer is a career progression tool. Using Glassdoor’s resume database, it allows a job seeker to see what other jobs they may be qualified for based on others who have had the same experience. Using the example below, if a person searches for a delivery driver job, the progression tool suggests other jobs like security officer, in which 15% of delivery drivers transitioned successfully to work as a security officer.  Plus it highlights the annual base salary someone can expect to earn in this role.

Job Progression - Suggested Jobs

Already, Glassdoor Job Explorer is receiving recognition from the White House. Last month, the Glassdoor team shared an early beta in a private brainstorming event at the White House. Based on the early efforts, earlier this month, Vice President Joe Biden touted Glassdoor as “an entrepreneurial company that has expanded on the traditional model of job posting websites.”

VIDEO: Watch a brief video on how Job Explorer works.


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