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Career Advice

Millennials: How to Be a Leader in the Workplace

Posted by Heather Huhman

April 8, 2014

462535887There's an incoming change of leadership in the workplace. These leaders are strongly influenced by technology and have a passion to change the world -- can you guess who?

Millennial leaders are the movers and shakers of today's workplace. Research shows millennials are the 11 percent most likely to drive global change. However, when it comes to grooming millennial leaders in the workplace, employers are confused about where to start.

Leadership remains the biggest issue facing organizations around the world. It is no longer focused solely on top management; instead, companies are creating leaders at every level. Unfortunately, 66 percent of employers believe they are “weak” in their ability to develop millennial leaders. Further, only 13 percent of employers say they do an excellent job developing leaders at all levels.

As a millennial, this leadership development issue presents you with an opportunity. According to Psychology Today, more than 40 percent of millennials expect to be in a management position within two years of landing a job. The fastest way to get the promotion you desire? Keep the needs of your employer in mind. It's time to show your boss how you can be a leader and create positive change in the workplace.


Here are some ways you can acquire leadership characteristics and become the positive change your boss has been seeking:

Empower your boss.

Ideas empower people and innovation. As a millennial, you have the potential to inspire change at work with your creativity and leadership. Your ideas are infectious and they can create huge improvements for your company.

Whenever you see an opportunity, don't hesitate to share your ideas with management. Your boss is constantly looking for new ways to improve their department and produce more results. If you have an idea that makes your boss' job easier, then empower them with your thoughts.

Be a continuous learner.

Change surrounds us every day. Move onward and upward by staying hungry for knowledge and experience. Strong leaders are those who invest extra effort to stay ahead of trends and continuously improve their skills.

Positive change in the workplace is driven by new knowledge and ideas. Take time to learn new skills and develop your current ones. Through continuous learning, you'll have the knowledge needed bring new ideas to the table and achieve more goals for your company.

Accept responsibility for your successes and failures.

With every job comes accomplishments and obstacles. Despite the ups and downs, your attitude ultimately determines your success as an employee. In fact, your accountability can actually impact your boss’ success, too. Therefore you need to take action to be a responsible employee to ensure a productive workplace.

Being a millennial leader means taking responsibility for your actions. If you can learn from challenges you encounter, you'll turn any situation into a positive change. Your boss desires this attitude because it makes the workplace a better place and helps everyone affected by your position accomplish more.

Be actively engaged and stay passionate.

Employers desperately need their employees to be engaged at work on a daily basis. Unfortunately, only 30 percent of American workers are engaged with their jobs. This means the other 70 percent of workers are costing their employers large amounts of time and money.

To be the millennial leader your boss needs, engage yourself at work and stay passionate. Get excited about your projects and invest yourself completely into your work. The more you enjoy your job, the more likely you'll bring results for your boss.

Strive to be a millennial leader and spark change.

Regardless of your job title or experience level, be a leader at work. Staying focused on becoming a millennial leader will help you be the solution to your boss’ challenges. Remember, millennials are the driving force behind global change. If you can be a millennial leader at work, then you’ll be one step closer to changing the world.