What Industries Have The Most Difficult Interviews? (Hint: It’s Not Tech!)

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Between multiple calls and interviews, tricky questions, numerous references plus background checks, the job application process can be downright hard. However, some employers are tougher on candidates than others.

In a new analysis, Glassdoor Economic Research dug in to explore what makes a job interview difficult. Turns out it’s not just the types of hoops candidates have to jump through — the type of company you’re interviewing at matters as well.

While the tech and consulting industries are famous for challenging interviews, Glassdoor data shows the most difficult interviews are actually reported for hospitals, at 9.7 percent more difficult than average. They’re followed by non-profits (+9.6 percent more difficult), and schools (+8.1 percent more difficult).

On the other hand, job interviews are reportedly easiest among contract and “gig economy” employers and franchise employers, which include many fast food restaurants.

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Based on a large sample of more than 250,000 interview reviews on Glassdoor,  results show that more interview layers make interviews harder for workers. In particular, adding group panel interviews, phone interviews, skills tests and candidate presentations make job interviews between 7 percent and 13 percent more difficult than average.

It’s official — the times have changed. Gone are the days of the one interview followed by “You’re hired.” However, while research shows that employers are embracing multi-steep interview processes, you’ve got all of the tools to take these challenges head on and land the job you want.

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Research the company on Glassdoor in advance of your interview and you’ll be set. Go show ‘em what you’re made of!

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