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5 of the Hottest Productivity Apps to Download Now

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These days, with so many productivity apps on the market, it’s hard to sort out the applications that will transform your life from the ones that aren’t worth the download. Luckily, Glassdoor is here to sort them out for you. With the simple click of a button, you can save time, get organized, and stay motivated at work. Here are the 5 apps that we found best for boosting productivity: combines calendar, notepad, daily scheduler, and collaborative task management capabilities to create a powerful daily organizer. Tasks can be easily added with voice or text input, and a simple swipe can categorize tasks or mark them as completed. also has a “moment” feature, which displays your tasks for the day to you in the morning, so you’re surprised later in the day by a deadline or meeting. Additionally, you can share lists and events, so that you and anyone from your spouse to your coworkers are on the same page about what you need to get done, and can add things to the list as well. Download Now!


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Asana makes group projects easier by creating a single space for project creation, deadlines, idea sharing, proposals, and other features that are relevant to everyone working on a project. Asana also circumvents the problem of long, hard-to-follow email threads with an in-app messaging feature that you can use with individuals or teams. This app is a must for more efficient project management and coordination. Download Now!

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According to a recent report by Deloitte, the average American smartphone user checks their phone 46 times per day. Freedom jolts users out of their time-wasting habits on smartphones by blocking certain apps or websites for a specified amount of time. Via a limited VPN profile, users can create blocklists or block all internet content. The block can also be scheduled in advance or on a schedule. If it’s not enough to block just your smartphone, the app is available for Mac and Windows as well. Download Now!

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Pomodoro Flow
The Pomodoro technique was developed by Italian entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s as a focus method centered around breaking work into 25-minute intervals, with 5-minute breaks in between. After 4 “Pomodoro’s”, as the 25-minute intervals are called, a 25-minute break is recommend before resuming. There are many apps that help users employ the Pomodoro technique, but Pomodoro Flow stands out due to its sleek, easy-to use interface, sans the useless accouterments that many of the other apps have. Download Now!


Looking for some extra motivation to help get you through the day? Cheerleader sends inspiring messages of your choice to your phone throughout the day. You can also schedule messages for a time you know you’ll need some extra incentive. Motivation has never been so easy! Download Now!

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