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Know Your Worth

It’s Time For Your Annual Salary Checkup

Posted by Emily Moore

October 19, 2017

You have an annual checkup to maintain your physical health, so why not do the same for your financial health? From year to year, you gain more experience and new skills, and you may even change jobs or locations. Given all of this, your potential earnings can increase greatly — and you might not even know it.

For a year now, Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth personalized salary estimator has been helping people regularly check up and check in on their market worth. And if you haven’t yet tried it, it’s high time you do so.JMavoungou Headshot at Volvo 2

But don’t just take our word for it. We spoke with Glassdoor user Jasmine from North Carolina, one of the many people who has used Know Your Worth to find out what she deserves to earn. From that conversation, we came away with a few key reasons why everyone should try Know Your Worth.

1. Know Your Worth Estimates Are Customized Just for You


You might be able to find a blanket salary estimate for your job title out there, but if it’s not tailored to your company, experience and location, is it really providing you with an accurate picture? Probably not. An estimate from Know Your Worth, on the other hand, takes all of those factors into account.

“Know Your Worth is probably my favorite tool because it not only takes into account your skillset and years of experience — it also asks for your location. Some people forget that $70,000 in North Carolina is probably worth about $40,000 in D.C.”

With an estimate that's customized based on your specific circumstances, you can feel confident that it's right for you.

2. Know Your Worth Focuses Your Job Search

If you’ve been out of the job market for a while, it can be tough to figure out what salary you should aim for, especially when there are so many different positions out there, each one offering a different paycheck. And if you don’t know what salary range to target, you could spend a whole lot of time applying to companies that aren’t the right fit, or even worse, end up being significantly underpaid.

But with a custom salary estimate from Know Your Worth, you’ll have a much better idea of which positions and companies to target.

“I have some very talented colleagues and friends that are looking to change careers or looking for other opportunities, and they're not sure what to ask for, so I've been recommending Know Your Worth. They've come back and said, ‘I'm so glad you did that. I didn’t realize I was being $25-35,000 underpaid,'" Jasmine said.

3. Know Your Worth Helps You Negotiate

Know Your Worth isn’t just for helping you figure out a target salary range — it can also be used as a concrete reference point in negotiations, whether it’s for a raise, job offer or promotion.

“I've been able to look at Know Your Worth and see a baseline of where to start for salary requirements… I have a better idea of what my skill sets are worth instead of blindly asking for a number.”

And once you have that estimate, you’ll feel a lot more secure at the negotiation table.

“I have more confidence when I say a number or give a range or negotiate for my salary," Jasmine said.

4. Know Your Worth Is 100% Free!

Each year, many recruiters and HR professionals spend tens of thousands of dollars to access reports that shed light on what employees around the country are earning. But Know Your Worth is completely free.

“I have friends that are recruiters and they're privy to certain pay reports that we as consumers are not — a typical job seeker is not going to be able to pay an astronomical amount of money just to pull those reports," Jasmine shared.

But with a grand total of $0 and a few minutes out of your day, Know Your Worth can help you access that valuable information with no strings attached.

No matter where you’re at in your career, everyone deserves to understand what the market value of their skills is. Not only can it help you when it comes to the job search and negotiating — the simple fact of understanding your worth is, in itself, empowering.

“Once you know your worth, it provides a peace of mind,” Jasmine said.

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