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Staples’ Employee Celebrations Are Second to None (And They’re Hiring!)

This week, office supply superstore Staples is all about their employees! It’s Founders Week, a time when every employee from corporate to the retail chain gets into the Staples spirit during a week of engaging activities, celebrations and more.

Recognized in honor of the day that Staples was founded, the week features a variety of activities from volunteer work (the annual backpack-a-thon to donate to local schools) to sporting events (a 5K run and a spinning challenge to benefit American Diabetes Association). Not only is this a way for Staples to celebrate its team and thank them for their hard work, it also builds company culture and spirit.

Plus, Staples benefits! Glassdoor research shows that employee satisfaction is a strong predictor of long-term company performance.

We caught up with Staples Talent Acquisition Marketing Program Manager Roshni Patel to get the inside scoop on why Staples’ employee celebrations are the best in the biz.

Glassdoor: What is the genesis of the employee appreciation week? How did you and your organization decide to do it?

Roshni Patel: Founders Week gives associates throughout the organization a chance to celebrate the day Staples was founded and rally for its continued success. During various events at the Home Office and in Field Locations, associates and leaders come together to share this excitement and have fun! It’s a way to thank associates for their hard work and continued dedication!

Glassdoor: What do employees love about Founder’s week?

Roshni Patel: Associates love Founders Week because it recognizes their hard work and the important role they play in the continued success of the Staples organization. It’s a week filled with fun activities and fundraising events to give back to our communities. The company comes together and associates enjoy time with each other, playing games and having fun!
Screen Shot 2017 05 18 at 8.36.50 AMGlassdoor: How would you’d describe company culture at Staples?

Roshni Patel: At the very core of Staples is that same entrepreneurial spirit that helped found our company over 30 years ago, and each and every one of our associates helps to make Staples a great company. Giving back to communities, embracing a culture of diversity and inclusion, sustaining the environment, and practicing sound ethics aren’t just the right thing to do. These efforts help make us an employer and neighbor of choice, differentiate our brand, and support profitable and responsible growth.

Glassdoor: What are three or four ways you promote employee engagement year-round at Staples? 

Roshni Patel: We host many charitable events throughout the year that drive engagement:

  • Annual backpack-a-thon, where we stuff 30,000 backpacks with school supplies and donate to local schools in partnership with Cradles to Crayons.
  • Spin-a-thon, where numerous Home Office teams compete to ride the most miles (on stationary bikes) to help raise funds for the ADA (American Diabetes Association).
  • Women’s week, an annual event at the Home Office where renowned guest speakers and Staples University facilitators deliver interactive sessions that provide a wide array of gender-focused content.
  • Annual Founders 5K, a road race that supports the Inner City Scholarship Fund (all proceeds are donated).
  •  We have a running Glassdoor ad that is featured on all of our digital communications monitors in our corporate locations. This ad runs every half hour and encourages our associates to leave reviews.
  • We are also looking to have a social media day in our cafeteria in the fall. We will host a booth for each one of our careers social platforms and will be able to interact with associates and answer their questions about social media!

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Glassdoor: By encouraging employees to leave reviews on Staples’ Glassdoor page, what do you hope to accomplish? How is this a great tool for your employer brand?

Roshni Patel: We encourage our associates to leave reviews because we want them use their voices. Staples values the continual evolution of our organization, and to see real employee feedback is extremely valuable to our continued success. This ongoing ability to provide honest feedback also builds loyalty and can excite interest in prospective candidates who are considering joining the Staples team!

Glassdoor: What does the public underestimate about Staples? What would you tell job seekers considering working for Staples?

Roshni Patel: You may know us from our stores, but we’re so much more than that. Through our world-class retail, online and delivery capabilities, Staples lets customers shop however and whenever they want, whether it’s in-store, online, on mobile devices or through social apps. Staples is a leading e-commerce retailer and offers its customers a broad assortment of products and expanded business services.

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